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Intersection In “Down The Mine” & “Looking Back On The Spanish War” (Essay Sample)


For next week, read Orwell's "Down the Mine" (from The Road to Wigan Pier) and "Looking Back on the Spanish War".

Find two places where the essays intersect (make a connection) with each other, and write to explain that connection.

Is there any other text that comes up for you that might add something to the idea that is emerging from (or is suggested by) the connection you're exploring? Represent that text to us, briefly, and explain how it adds to the idea you've been exploring and developing.

1-3 pages,typed & proofread — 2 copies, please


Intersection in the Essays


Intersection in the Essays

In the essays “Down the Mine” and “Looking Back on the Spanish War” George Orwell manages to create an intersection. Ideally, these two essays have created compelling ideas that resonate with the reader. One aspect of these two essays that becomes clear is that plight or troubles of the working class in regards to the dangerous work conditions they endure, and their oppression by the owners.

One way the plight of the workers is examined in the essays “Down the Mine” and “Looking Back on the Spanish War” is through the dangerous work conditions they have to endure. In the “Down the Mine,” Orwell claims that workers in coal mines work in dangerous and harsh conditions. He says, “There is the heat — it varies, but in some mines, it is suffocating — and the coal dust that stuffs up your throat and nostrils” (Orwell, 2003). This quote shows how the working class has to endure dangerous work conditions. Similarly, the essay “Looking Back on the Spanish War” describes the dangerous and harsh nature of soldiers at war. For example, Orwell begins by describing the inhumane living conditions with overflowing latrines and lack of basic needs for any ordinary person. This makes the conditions dangerous and unsafe for the soldier because they are exposed to diseases and lack of healthy living conditions. Orwell indicates that “for instance, the boredom and animal hunger of trench life, the squalid intrigues over scraps of food, the mean, nagging quarrels which people exhausted by lack of sleep indulge in” as s

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