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Neuro Week 4 Assginment: Why do we Dream? Discussion (Essay Sample)


Sit for 15 minutes without moving, not even an eyelash. If you itch DO NOT scratch. Observe it instead. Write a one-page double spaced reflection paper sitting still for 15 minutes. Was it easy or difficult? 
Assignment 2:
Why do we dream?
Think of a dream that you have had. When you meditate this week, ask for your unconscious and conscious mind to communicate and reveal any deeper meaning of the dream to decipher the symbolism contained within it. What did you experience in your meditation and what do you think the dream is trying to uncover? Perhaps research the main symbols in your dream according to documented dream analysis and theories. Reflection can be any length. (hint: Carl Jung is a well respected theorist on dreams).

How does a person stay centered within 15 minutes without moving, not even an eyelash? This was the question that entered my mind as soon as I read this week's assignment. Should I keep my eyes open or closed? I decided to keep my eyes open first, and in just a few seconds, my eyes blinked, and so I failed the first try. I decided to try it once again, this time with my eyes closed. A minute into the meditation I realized that my chest has been moving the entire time. And so I failed the second time, but I decided to let it go and factor in these involuntary movements in the 15 minutes of meditation. A few minutes have passed, but it feels like I've been sitting for days. When will this end? Why did I agree to do this in the first place? What is this for anyway? Should I open my eyes now? Is it time? And then I remembered: it's not. The alarm hasn't gone off yet. So I continue to sit silently, observing my body, observing the questions that run through my head.
To say that the exercise was difficult is an understatement. It was grueling at best. But I know that I feel this way simply because I have been so distracted lately and I have really been having trouble keeping still. I have gotten used to the noise, the activity and the movement that silence is alien....
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