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How has American Society Changed in the last ten years and what Effect those Changes may have had on Government Planning? (Essay Sample)

1.How has American society changed in the last ten years and what effect those changes may have had on government planning? 
2.What major changes have taken place in the economy, America’s foreign policy priorities, America’s social program priorities, science (particularly our understanding of major hazards such as earthquakes and tsunamis, technology, and society in general)? 
As you formulate your responses, ensure that you incorporate the following:
A. Overview of the evolution of emergency and disaster management in the United States
Intergovernmental relations among a variety of agencies in emergency management
B. Value of organizational and operational planning in emergency management
C. Basic types of disaster mitigation programs and their associated approaches in a variety of disasters.
Small Content:

The American Society
The American Society
The American Society has changed significantly over the last ten years in the sense that particular issues have contributed to the enforcement of certain policies. A particular case to argue is that the increases of insecurities and terror groups have triggered government measures against terror groups. The other important change of consideration is the case that Americans indulge in credit finances. In this view, there is need to mention that the American society has evolved over the last ten years in terms of spending. Notably, it has become expensive to sustain the American dream given that the credit finances are increasingly becoming more expensive. Practically, out of every five Americans, three use credit to acquire goods and services in their everyday life (Klein, 2014). This means that the demanding survival standards of the American society have increased immensely of over the last ten years. Given such a reasoning there is need to concur that the American government has enacted policies that regulate the financial institutions to meet the needs of the modern American society.
The other element of discussion develops in the case that the modern American society has also encouraged typical lifestyles in the case that people tend to focus more on the material wealth. The term material wealth as used in this discussion refers to tangible wealth that includes expensive cars clothes and necessities. The argument developed in this case is that more people spend immensely to acquire the most expensive cars and clothes, especially from the reputable fashion houses. Evidently, more Americans have moved away from the thought of owing houses or land to acquiring expensive utilities that support the l...
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