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Change of Women’s Status from the Eighteenth Century. (Essay Sample)


How did women’s status change from the eighteenth century through Reconstruction?
You might talk about how ideas of how women should contribute to society changed over time. Or you might choose to talk about changes in what women contributed to society as laborers or political actors changed. Or you might talk about the difference between ideas of women would should do and what women actually did.
These are suggestions. Do not try to do try to do all three.
Did the American Revolution creation a nation with equality and liberty for all? How did the Revolution secure liberty and freedom for citizens of the United States? How did it create a nation with dramatic inequality? Your answer should include evidence that discusses both equality and inequality in the United States.


Change of Women’s Status from the Eighteenth Century.
Student’s Name:
Change of Women’s Status from the Eighteenth Century.
According to Benjamin Rush, the living conditions in the United States during the revolution meant that American women had to be included in educational opportunities . Rush had much trust in the inclusion of women in matters of development. The training on principles of liberty given to men was given to women. Economic opportunities became open to American women outside Europe. This essay seeks to identify the change of women’s status from the eighteenth century through reconstruction by giving different accounts of various authors.[Foner, Eric. Voices of Freedom. WW Norton, 2008. Retrieved from file:///C:/Users/kolie/Downloads/Voices_of_Freedom_by_Eric_Foner_(]
Rush illustrated how the fight for independence brought assumptions on how to run societies. He mentioned certain principles that should guide women’s education. These were quite different from those in Great Britain. Women’s responsibilities and the nature of employment needed a select type of education. Rush pointed out the early marriages of women as a circumstance that deprived women an opportunity to attain quality education. America’s state of property requires people to create opportunities for themselves in various spheres of occupation. 

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