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Research Outline Leonardo Da Vinci's Architecture Drawings (Essay Sample)


Provide a point-form paper structure, including a clearly-defined thesis statement, a list of relevant quotes taken from peer-reviewed sources, an image list, a bibliography, and some indication of the structure (the “skeleton”) of your work. 5-7 academic sources minimum.
My essay is on Leonardo Da Vinci's architecture drawings. It doesn't matter what the thesis is, as long as it's legit, clear, and up to academic standard. My professor has high expectations.


Leonardo Da Vinci's Architecture Drawings
* Introduction
* Matter and Form Quotes
* Disegno Quotes
* Perspective and factitive architecture.
* Da Vinci's Civic Designs
Leonardo Da Vinci's Architecture Drawings
Leonardo Da Vinci remains an architectural genius whose works were boundless even with time. It takes a special talent for one’s architectural works to be relevant beyond centuries. Da Vinci achieved that obstacle as traces of his inventions are still evident in the creations of helicopters, parachutes, and tanks. That leads into questions as to how Da Vinci synchronized his work to accommodate both traditional paradigms and the modern architectural concepts. The answer could be embedded in Da Vinci's brilliance in both art and science. This paper analyzes Da Vinci's architectural drawings and how he grounded his work on multiple philosophies. Analyzing Da Vinci's various aspects of drawings are vital to understanding his understanding of architectural prospects including matter and form, disegno, fictive architecture, and central plans.

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