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The American Periodical Series Assignment PLEASE PROVIDE A DRAFT WITHIN 48h! TOPIC: WEBSTER/HAYNE DEBATES Use ONLY ONE newspaper/journal/pamphlet from the American Periodical Series to write a 10 page paper on the Webster-Hayne Debates. After following the journal/newspaper/pamphlet and reading numerous articles, develop a point of view that is reflected by that journal/newspaper etc. You will be writing based on the ONE journal/newspaper you have chosen to follow on the topic and you will identify the kind of periodical you consulted, the time frame, regional association, historical context, and overall attitudes of the newspaper you chose the follow. You will develop a conceptual framework, an argument, and points of reference to support the argument. The object of the paper is to discuss how the periodical handles the topic of the Webster Hayne Debates and what is reported. No bibliography is needed. When you site all you will need to do is mention the periodical used while introducing it, then citing the date when referencing it. Example: "Webster made an intense argument." (May 5th, 1828) source..

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The periodical being reviewed here is the Nile`s weekly and how it reported the Webster-Hayne Debates. The periodical reported that Hayne drew the attention of the Senate to an error that had been published in a journal whereby Webster had misled the Senate (March, 7 1829). Later on in February 1930, the periodical reported on Mr. Foot's resolution. According to the periodical, Mr. Webster, of Massachusetts, said, on rising, that [nothing had been further from his intention, than to take any part in the discussion of this resolution. It proposed only an inquiry on a subject of much importance, and one in regard to which it might strike the mind of the mover, and of other gentlemen, that inquiry and investigation would be useful. Although (said Mr. W.)] I am one of those who do not perceive any particular utility in instituting the inquiry, I have nevertheless, not seen that harm would be likely to result from adopting the resolution. Indeed, it gives no new powers, and hardly imposes any new duty on the committee. All that the resolution proposes should be done, the committee is quite competent, without the resolution, to do by virtue of its ordinary powers. But, sir, though I have felt quite indifferent about the passing of the resolution, yet opinions were expressed yesterday on the general subject of the public lands, and on some other subjects, by the gentleman from South Carolina, so widely different from my own, that I am not willing to let the occasion pass without some reply. If I deemed the resolution as originally proposed hardly necessary, still less do I think it either necessary or expedient to adopt it, since a second branch has been added to it today. By this second branch, the committee is to be instructed to inquire whether it is expedient to adopt measures to hasten the sales, and extend more rapidly the surveys of the public lands (February 20, 1830). However, Mr. Webster observed, in reply, that the gentleman from South Carolina had mistaken him, if he supposed that it was his wish so to hasten the sales of the public lands, as to throw them into the hands of purchasers who would sell again. His idea only went as far as this; that the price should be fixed as low as as not to prevent the settlement of the lands yet not so low as to prompt speculators to purchase. Mr. W. observed that he could not at all concur with the gentleman from South Carolina, in wishing to restrain the laboring classes of population in the eastern states from going to any part of our territory, where they could better their condition; nor did he suppose such an idea was any where entertained. The observations of the gentleman had opened to him new views of policy on the subject, and he thought he now could perceive why some of our states continued to have such bad roads; it must be for purpose of preventing p...
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