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Week 3 Discussion Urbanism: The Industrial Revolution (18th-19th century) (Essay Sample)


What in your opinion has been the most influential transformational change that took place in the way people lived during the early twentieth century? How did this change contribute to shape our urban environment? What other modern design principles or inventions have had significant positive or negative effects on sustainability? ( 2 event to talk about are the industrial revolution, and the commercialization of air travel)


Industrial Revolution
Institution of Affiliation
Industrial revolution
The industrial revolution began in the 18th century and continued in the 19th century, but it stabilized in late 19th century and early 20th century. This was when the effect of industrial revolution began to be recognized. Industrial revolution lead to the growth of urban environment. It was due to the demand of workforce for the industries. Thus, people had to settle near the industries. Moreover, the demand to access the products and carrying out business transactions led to the creation of markets within the industries premises. Due to the settlement of the laborers and the development of the markets within the industrial region, there was the development of the urban environment worldwide.[(Hudson, P. (1992). The Industrial Revolution. New York: Routledge, Chapman and Hall, Incorporation.)] [(Berg, M., & Hudson, P. (1992). "Rehabilitating the Industrial Revolution". . The Economic History Review, 45(1), 24–...
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