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The Industrial Revolution Brought About a Sexual Revolution (Essay Sample)


The proposal (which is the framework of your research paper) should be based on an idea in the form of a hypothesis or an argument of any topics of your interest as long as your idea deals with empires and globalization since 1500AD. It can be an idea regarding social, cultural, political, economic, etc. matters shaping human life either individually or collectively and somehow can be related to globalization and the formation of empires (rise or fall of empires and their impacts). To become familiar with some possible ideas, please see Topic Choices For Research Paper! (ATTACHED) You are not obligated to use any of them. I simply provide them so you become familiar with ideas. Nevertheless, you can choose any topics which you believe are important, useful and/or interesting to you outside of these topics!
Simply, in one page or so, create a title, describe your idea based on a hypothesis or argument in a paragraph or two. State your objective(s) and how you are planning to achieve your objective(s). Make sure before you finalize your thoughts, you have enough evidences (sources) to support your hypothesis/argument. In your proposal, make sure to state the forms of the sources you will use (books, articles, journals, online sources, etc.).
Online sources are fine only if they are from reliable, official, strong sources. Government/official sources are examples of reliable, official and strong sources. Sources from experts (based on your verification of the authors) are also fine sources. Simply, if you plan to use online sources, your supportive sources should not be from any information you find online!

The industrial revolution happened to be one of the most influential aspect of the global development that took place in the 18th and 19th century. Most of the rural areas around Britain and America which were predominantly agrarian became urban and industrialized. Much of the revolution started in Britain in the late 1700s. This brought about a shift in the production processes. Most importantly it also influenced the sexual elements of the society. With the development of the various industries and massive growth in the economy, women and men were able to achieve personal growth as well. This further affected the element of women getting employed and the sexual aspect in the family. As such the industrial revolution also brought about a sexual revolution. However, there was also an argument that the industrial revolution did not bring about sexual revolution based on idea that women were still largely involved in family chores, as the men had even more opportunities to get work.
The industrial revolution brought about a sexual revolution
* To find out if the women rights were affected by the industrial revolution
* To find out if gender based responsibilities were affected
* To find out if women and men had equal chances of opportunities
* To find out if the increased economic growth affected the traditional sexual patterns in the society
The industrial revolution is an aspect that took place between the 18th and 19th century. Much of the development started in Britain and Amer...
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