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Ethnic, Military, and Social interactions between Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Ricans, and Americans since the mid-19th century (Essay Sample)

Please incorporate elements of these three groups: Mexicans/Mexican Americans, Cubans/Cuban Americans, and Puerto Ricans. With the first two groups, describe the development of national identity in Mexico and Cuba starting from the mid-19th century. Answer: does the historical development of national identities reflect on Cuban and Mexican ethnic identity in the United States? How or how not? In the case of Puerto Ricans, how does the history of Puerto Rico's relationship with the United States reflect on the local population in the U.S., and are Puerto Ricans in the United States still battling “colonialism”? Do historical U.S.-Latin American relations reflect on Latino ethnic identities in this country? And finally, how did gang-related identities develop as expressions of ethnicity in the U.S.? Juan Gonzalez has his own theories regarding identity in as a product of Latin American's historic relationship with the U.S. You may agree or disagree with Gonzalez, but your overall argument must have a strong thesis statement that can be backed by evidence, and your conclusion must reflect your findings based on that evidence. For source material, you must include Juan Gonzalez' "Harvest of Empire" then may use these news sources: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Nation, or the Christian Science Monitor. source..
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Ethnic, Military, and Social interactions between Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Ricans, and Americans since the mid-19th century
Mexicans/Mexican Americans and Cuban/Cuban Americans
United States is characterized with multicultural societies; this is based on the massive immigrants entering the United States from all over the world. Multicultural societies have presented a challenge of defining the National Identity. A number of scholars have argued that America is a nation characterized with immigrants.
The founders of United States were settlers and not immigrants mainly from the British origin. It is argued that British settlers took control of North America, thereby forming a new society; people who moved from all over the world to the United States were later referred to as the immigrants. Some of the immigrants originated from Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico. American’s creed over the years has been associated with the American identity. In the sense that American creed defined equality, liberty, representative government, individualism and the aspect of private property ownership.
Settlers in the United States originated from Spanish, British, French and Portuguese among others. Surveys have shown that a good number of United States Hispanics described themselves from their native cultural affiliations. Findings indicated that a Mexican American is actually a citizen of United States with Mexican descent. The national identity for Mexican Americans has advocated for voting rights, against employment discrimination, against educational discrimination, against ethnic discrimination; in the support for social and economic advancement. Mexican Americans has worked closely in protecting and defining the identity of the community. Mexico and United States were involved in a number of factional battles and civil wars in protecting their borders, Texas and California being an example of an area under dis...
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