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How American Business Produced Victory in World War 2 (Book Review Sample)

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(February 09, 2013)
Herman Arthur, Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War 2.
The book is about the story of the amerces forgotten heroes during World War 2, these heroes are people who dint take part in the battle fields but are people who wore lab coats, business suits, flannel shirts, Stetsons and spectacles. The people described were the American engineers, businessmen, production managers and all who were working either females or males. They are the American people who built the powerful machines that were used in the war. These unsung heroes produced two thirds of the military machines used during the war. Among the productions were 86,000 tanks, 2.5 million trucks 8800 naval vessels and 286000 war planes (Herman, 2012). The book is built up of a story that revolves around two figures, William signius Knudsen and Henry Kaiser. The two figures were from different places with one having risen from a shop floor to become the president of general motors` while the other had grown up in upstate New York and later went to the west to head the most titanic construction cartel that was in America.
Knudsen left the general motors` to become the head of America`s rearmament in 1940 this followed from a call by the president Roosevelt. The other character Henry Kaiser became an icon in the ship building industry which became a symbol of productive power. Knudsen had the knowledge of how to make things using metal while Kaiser was good at building. They came up and joined hands with businessmen and started America`s mobilization effort. Many of the men who joined them had never attended college with some being dropouts. As the expansion was increasing more and more companies joined in. in this force their core enemy were not the Germans or the Japanese but was the American politicians, shrill journalists, the dozens of big labor, bureaucrats, military martinets and the forces of blind fate. A terrible price was paid by many where dozens of workers died or were injured during 1942-43, for example in general motors` 189 senior executives lost their lives on job as they strived to ensure American victory (Antony, 1987).
Most of the accounts are centered on the great battle climates from midway and Tarawa all the way to d-day and also to Iwo Jima. The book is illustrating how the business community had gone into war and won even before America went to war and helped the country to win their battles when they came. Through business and other economy players the American military was transformed to the world`s most powerful and biggest. The business communities were a good set up for the after war prosperity that was likely to extend for three decades till 1970s through their fueling of the economy growth.
The author in this book is trying to illustrate how even t...
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