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FAH 392 H5S Cosmetics (Lacquering) Presentation Write Up (Essay Sample)


hello, this suppose to be a write up after my presentation, but i will do the presentation basic on your essay. The topic i choose is Cosmetics (Lacquering), this is a type of make up woman will put on in the past. it is really heavy makeup, so someone said is good someone said is bad. Please use simple sentence structure since i am a international student. thank you so much


Cosmetics (Lacquering)
Cosmetic talks about artificial make-ups to enhance a person's beauty. Most women make use of beauty cosmetics to enhance their beauty and sexual appeal and boost their del-esteem. Lacquer is shiny in nature and used under beauty cosmetics to enhance one's appeal. Studies show that the Asian continent has cosmetics as one of the major exports from a global perspective. Nail lacquer is one of the evident cosmetics with huge consumers.The reason behind the argument is that most of the people around the globe love nail art and nail polishing as a form of beauty. Lacquering is a type of makeup that women used to apply in the past to look appealing. The paper discusses cosmetics and lacquering, the manner through which lacquering has advanced as well as the negative effects of lacquering to the consumer.[Reis, Alexandra.,Amarnani, Ajay., Angelis, Christopher. and Helm, Thomas. “Nail Lacquer: A Common Artifact That May Go Unrecognized.”]
One of the major effects of lacquering is it causes cancer. Lacquer thinner contains benzene component which causes cancer with prolonged consumption of lacquer layers. Scholars argue out that the components of lacquers are cancerous after one uses the lacquer for quite a long period. Another bad effect of the cosmetic product is that the lacquer products are irritating to the eye and skin. Studies argue that exposure to lacquer products to mist and vapor causes an irritating effect on the skin and human eye.One feels irritated on their skin over the use of the cosmetic product. The above example comes out as a bad effect as one uses the product for positive purposes such as looking appealing and beautiful.[Munch, James. “Notices of Judgment-Cosmetics.”] [Wang, Chengzhang., Dong, Yanhe ., Hongxia, Cheng.,Yuanfeng, He1., Jianzhong, Ye1. andHao, Zhou. “Physicochemical properties of lacquer berries and decolorization of lacquer wax by physical adsorption and UV irradiation.”]
Another side effect of using lacquers is that one might have birth defects. Lacquers have solvents that in case a pregnant w

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