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VPHA46. Art history article review. History Assignment. (Essay Sample)


VPHA46 – FALL 2020
In 2014 the editor of the journal Art Bulletin called a series of scholars to come together andquestion the future of Art History as a discipline. The series was called “Whither Art History.”Scholars from around the globe were invited to highlight issues within the discipline and projectsolutions for making it more inclusive.
I have selected a handful of these responses and posted them on Quercus. Please select ONE ofthese articles and write a critical write a 2 page critical review summarizing the article andassessing how effective (or ineffective) it was.
For instructions on what a critical review entails please see the following link: are a few questions to think about while reading your article:
- What is the subject of the article?
- What is its thesis?
- What are the primary and secondary materials employed by the author?
- What has already been written about the subject? How does the article distinguish itselffrom the previous scholarship? Does the author utilize new materials? Does he/shedefine new questions?
- Do you find the article convincing? Why or why not?
- Is there anything else you would like to know about the subject? Was anything unclear?
Or is there anything else you feel should have been added.
- 2 Pages
- 1.5 spaced, 1 inch margins, size 12 font
- Citation style - Chicago Manual of Style
- Due: Nov 27, 2020 by MIDNIGHT on Quercus


Art History Article Review
The article "WHITHER ART HISTORY? Korea's Search for a Place in Global Art History" by Youngna Kim emphasizes the influence of university textbooks in art history. One of the books that have had a huge impact is "A History of Art" which was written by Harry N. Abrams in 1962 and has been translated to over fifteen languages and acts as the foundation of the art history syllabus. Additionally, the resource points that the book "A History of far Eastern Art" written by Sherman Lee marked a critical introduction of East Asian art. Kim emphasizes that Korean art history was almost ignored by Lee because only eight artworks from Korea are mention in the book. Kim also explains that Korea has had a long history of keeping artworks and documenting artists' lives.[Youngna Kim, 2016. "WHITHER ART HISTORY? Korea's Search for a Place in Global Art History." The Art Bulletin 98 (1): 7-13]

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