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What is Modern Interior Design (Essay Sample)

Dear writer, I have a 3000 words essay but what I really want is an an essay plan that can elaborate into 3000words and is to submit by today (23rd)September. It should be enough for it to have an idea of the structure of the essay. This should include a title or heading for the essay. Then an introduction, which is the question/the ideas the essay is going to explore and argue. You should include references. The body of the essay plan should break down the support for your ideas (information gathered from your sources) into some kind of order or sequence. For an essay plan using dot points, with a line per point can be a useful and clear way to organise ideas. The last part of the plan is the conclusion, which is a summation of the essay and its points. You basically restate your question and show how your arguments have supported the proposition. Can you please cover Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos' work in this essay plan? You can alter the topic to what suits my aim the best, I am aiming to talk about the Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos' work how they influence modernism into today's world. I am actually still confused about what I want but I am just so busy! So I would love if you could do my essay plan according to what you think is best. Thank you so much!!!!! Good luck, I really hope everything goes well. p/s: Sources can be up to 10. I don't really care at this point :) source..

What is Modern Interior Design
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Modern Interior Design
Tidy, straightened look are the characteristics of modern interior design, owing to its streamlined style and the specific geometric dimensions1. These can be achieved by incorporating different architectural designs, furniture, jewellery and craft. Various aspects of architecture have been an icon in interior designing 2. The decoration range and vary from different rooms, and all are dependent on the amount of money the owner intends to spend.
Various modern interior design ideas are believed to "substitute beautifully for a room renovation … "3. This, besides being cost effective, leads to satisfaction of the owner. The ideas can be explored in terms of the room to decorate, the furniture to use or the designs to put in.
Most modern interior designers tend to blend current rugs and furniture with traditional accessories to give an attractive look to the interior of a room.4 These are determined by the dimensions of the house. According to the Modular, the dimensions of height, length and volume can be determined and then differe...
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