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Gray Architecture (Essay Sample)


you must write a 4 sentence précis on a reading the instructions of the précis and reading to write it on is attached


Week 3b precis
Gray Architecture As Post-Modernism Or Up And Down From Orthodoxy, in Hays, K. Michael’s Architecture theory since 1968 (2000), Robert Stern highlights on different aspects that influenced the post-modernism architecture particularly in the early 1970’s. Stern argues that to understand the Post Modernism architecture, there is a need to take into consideration the historical influences on art and architecture. Stern aims to show that theoretical procedures are relevant to understanding how post-modernism (gray) architecture came into being to challenge the prevailing notions about modernism architecture. The main audience is people interested in the evolution of post-modernism architecture, its theoretical foundations, and understanding the philosophical thinking behind the art and architecture.
Both Gray and White architects differed on their understanding of how to define architecture after the orthodox Modernism era. Gray postmodernism architecture differed from white architecture, whose supporters Stern considered to be historicized Modernists. Stern differentiates Post Modernism from Post Functionalism articulated by Eisenman, with Stern asserting that Post-Functionalism within Post-Modernism, with the gray architecture then associated more with Post-Modernism. Gray architecture then differs from white architecture as it is historically inferential, while also relying on cultural illusionism and contextualism. To Stern Post-Modernism is more pragmatic compared to Post-Functionalism as it draws inspiration from defined historical trends.
To further highlight the philosophical structure of Post-Modernism, Stern emphasizes that historical issues like Modernism and eclecticism all highlight the role of allusion. Allusion to contemporary issues and architecture history meant that gray architects achieve symbolic meaning by connecting with earlier forms of architecture, with emphasis on cultural associations. Gray architecture differs from white architecture, as it more likely to utilize eclectic elements of Modernism and the Pre-Modern era.
Stern, Robert. "Gray Architecture As Post-Modernism Or Up And Down From Orthodoxy." ARCHITECTURE D AUJOURD HUI 186, no. AUG (1976): 83-98. In Hays, K. Michael. Architecture theory since 1968. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2000.
 Robert Stern, &l...
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