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Unit II Assessment (Essay Sample)


Question 1

  1. Using your locale, or a destination known to you, analyze the intermediaries in the area. Briefly describe the locale or the destination you chose. Report on your findings of intermediaries. Provide a conclusion about the adequacy or inadequacy of intermediaries.

Question 2

  1. Read "Case 10 the Australian Tourist Commission," beginning on page 606, and respond to the discussion questions on page 610. Provide an organized report based upon the questions.
  2. In your opinion, what macro environment has the most impact on a hotel operation? Take a global view, not personal view. Why did you choose this environment? Explain in detail.
  3. The 78 million members of the baby-boom generation are aging, with the oldest members in their early sixties. Describe some marketing opportunities and threats associated with this demographic trend for the hospitality and travel industry.

Question 1
Fayetteville is one of the largest cities in the states and within the North Carolina. With quite a number of attraction sites which tourists come to visit, the city is also host to a number of intermediaries who help the tourism industry in the city to thrive. There are a number of museums among many other points of interest and the city is also home to some the most exquisite hotels and restaurants. Within Fayetteville, there are quite a number of museums, such as the Fayetteville Museum of Art, Fascinate –U Children's Museum, Arts Council of Fayetteville/ Cumberland County, Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum and Airborne & special Operations Museum. Tourists looking to have a good time relaxing, have a chance to visit some of the parks where they can enjoy the serene environments, such as the Cape Fear Botanical Garden among others.
For the tourists who are looking to enjoy art and musical performances there are a number of theatres. With these kinds' attraction sites, the city is also host to a number of restaurants, offering a wide range of services, from Bed and Breakfast to romantic dinners and conference facilities (, 2015). This aspect further points to the presence of the industry intermediaries that connect the various tourists to their preferred destinations and facilities. Relative to the thriving tourism industry, there are many intermediaries ranging from travel agencies to tour operators. A closer look at the number of intermediaries reveals that the city is well connected relative to the industry. Relative to the fact that the city does not have a lot of tourism attraction sites such as wildlife and historically placed sites, the number of the intermediaries are adequate.
Question 2
Relative to the fact that there is not significant growth in the number of Americans that have been visiting Australia, the study is well positioned to make sure that the numbers increase. The objectives of the study are quite through relative to the fact that they address the main aspect of the cause of the tourism decline in Australia. In any study, it is crucial to make sure that the objectives are as specific to the problem as possible to give the right information from the field. In this study the objectives and purposes are quite clear and precise, with aspects such as establishing the main elements that the target groups considers when arranging for a vacation trip, what could be done to make Australia more marketable and ways to market to the target group. The proposed methodology is also quite elaborate given the target group (Kotler, Bowen & Makens, 2014). Aspects such avoiding the telephone interviews are well informed given that most people do not appreciate lengthy calls relative to their busy schedules and issues to do with privacy. Face to face interviews are more c...
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