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Hotel Market Segment in Your Community (Essay Sample)


Identify a restaurant or hotel market segment in your community that you feel would be a good market segment to target. Explain the marketing mix you would put together to go after this market segment.
Analyze individual and group markets. Compare and contrast the strategies or methods needed to attract and retain these two markets.
Identify a situation in which you experienced a weak service culture and one in which you experienced a strong service culture. Briefly describe each situation with the prominent issues or compliments identified. Compare the weak and strong service cultures and discuss the differences. Provide a brief conclusion on how the weak service culture could be strengthened. Be specific and provide examples. ("Training" is not a valid response. If training is needed, be sure to delineate the key skills or knowledge to be provided.)
Employees are called internal customers. Analyze a situation in which you develop a marketing plan for internal customers. What would be your objective, target market, strategies, and evaluation?


Assessment IIII

Question One
The world is rapidly changing, and this has necessitated a change in many areas of business. People in today’s world have developed a need to be recognized and treated in a special way everywhere they go. This need has necessitated changes in the hotel industry and has led to a new marketing strategy popularly known as market segmentation. Market segmentation not only improves company’s revenue but also ensures customer satisfaction. Today’s consumers are aware of their needs and requirements and they like a hotel that can adequately cater for their every need. (Kotler P, 2014)
Hotel segmentation divides the customers into smaller groups depending on their needs. This segmentation makes it easier for the management and the hotel staff to cater to the client needs more efficiently. The basis a hotel decides to use to segment its customer varies from one hotel to another. Some examples of the most common market segments are commercial, leisure and group. For my study, I have selected group segment. Group segment is very broad and entails business, incentives, weddings, events, and conferences. (Webber H., 1998)
Segmenting the market is not enough to guarantee the success of the hotel. It is important to know the various marketing mix that apply to each market segment. The manager in charge of sales and marketing is the one responsible for determining the proper marketing mix. The mix is very useful in identifying the various marketing variables that the sales team can use for each target market. A marketing mix is made up of several elements that are critical to the success of a market segment.
Service and facilities are considered the most important aspect of any marketing mix because without the staff we would have nothing to deliver to the guests. Another important aspect is place and distribution that refers to how accessible the products and services are. Pricing, promotion and communication among others are also important tools to a perfect marketing mix. Market segmentation helps managers analyze where demand is highest and the direction in which the market is heading.
Question Two
Group markets are made of meeting and group demand. Guests in this market prefer hotels that has large meeting spaces, foods and beverages outlet, and business technology. This market brings about large profits to the hotel and thus very important. The managers aim at maximum customer satisfaction and offer discounts to retain and attract more of this customers. Individual market mainly comprise of individual staying for few days either on leisure or business purposes. Meeting the needs of this customer is hard since each individual has different needs. The best way to re...
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