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“Cybersecurity, Innovation and National Power” by Christopher Whyte. (Essay Sample)


For your final exam, read the article titled, “Cybersecurity, Innovation and National Power” by Christopher Whyte.
You will find it at the link below. *If clicking the link does not work for you, please copy the link and paste it into your own browser in a separate window.
The last paragraph of the article reads, “A consolidated and unified cyber policy directive must be formulated and adopted with conviction. Picking off low-hanging fruit—such as increasing the security capabilities of individual systems—is certainly necessary. But linking these issues to the national interest will allow the government and other concerned parties to coordinate a nationwide set of solutions that address the evolving cyber threat.”
For your final exam, write a paper of no less than 600 words responding with your ideas, suggestions and strategy recommendations for the formulation of this unified cyber policy directive. Your finished paper should include your set of solutions that will address this evolving cyber threat.


Cybersecurity, Innovation and National Power
Cybercrimes include criminal activities that target computers and computer networks, and the perpetrators are determined to make money or destruction. Therefore, cybersecurity measures are critical since they protect both individuals and companies from potential cyber-related threats. There are various forms of cyber threats to the United States because American companies are at a high risk of target by cybercriminals. There are numerous challenges that would make it challenging to control cybercrimes at the national level; these would include the different types of systems that are used across other companies and military organizations. Effective collaboration between the government and over key stakeholders would promote a unified cyber policy directive to facilitate comprehensive national solutions to evolving cyber threats. This literature discusses the solutions that should be implemented to solve the evolving cyber threats in the United States.

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