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Annotated Bibliography (Essay Sample)


I have attached two files, one for this assignment and the other one is for a future assignment, which this assignment needs to follow. The attachment for this assignment named "writing assignment", the other attachment is named "An idea" just to get the writer how this assignment shapes into. I will have the writer, who takes this assignment, write the second after completing this one. Please message me for further information. Thank you!


Annotated Bibliography
Abarbanel, B & Rahman, A. (2015). ecommerce Market Convergence in Action: Social Casinos and Real Money Gambling, UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal. 19 (1), 51-62.
In their article on social casinos and real money gambling, Brett Abarbanel and Ardeshir Rahman try to identify the differences in the population and the behaviors related to gambling among the online gamblers who use real money. In their research they compare the online real money gamblers with the gamblers in the social casinos. They then present the similarities between these two types of gamblers. They aim to use this article to enlighten both the online gamblers and the social casino gamblers. They found that females participate more than the males in the casino gambling. Their findings were that there existed differences between the online gamblers and the social casino gamblers. They concluded that the social casino gamblers can adapt these differing behaviors which can transform them into online real money gamblers. This source will be helpful in writing the analytical report on effects of gambling to a society as it will present the problems associated with gambling and the possible remedies to such problems.
Andrade, L., Riven, L., & Petry, N. (2014). Associations between Antisocial Personality Disorder and Sex on Discounting Rates. Psychological Record, 64(4), 639-646. doi:10.1007/s40732-014-0085-0
Andrade, Riven and Nancy in their article on the associations between antisocial personality disorder and sex on discounting rates, they show that people with gambling tendencies or drug abuse have problems in discounting and decision making. This is due to their risk taking tendencies. The research showed that female gamblers were more affected than the male gamblers. The research therefore shows that gender influences the impulsiveness of people in the gambling games in terms of decision making. The research shows that female gamblers have a high impulsive for high risks such as taking high stakes with low...
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