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Empowering Older Women (Essay Sample)

<p>Write an essay using 12 point font on the following topic. \"Indeed, empowerment is the ability to meet our needs, solve our problems and organize the resources necessary to take control of our lives is a central principle for reforming older women\\\'s experience in the health care system (McCandless and Connor 21) Use this quotation as a starting point to discuss the changes (NO MORE THAN THREE IDEAS) that must occur within the health care system if older women are to be empowered to take control of their own health care? You may want to look at and discuss the lack of recognition of the impact on poverty on women\\\'s health, the way sexual orientation is often overlooked or taken for granted, women\\\'s caregiving role, the instructions given to older women regarding exercise, stereotypical attitudes regarding ageing, the role alternative therapies could play. ONLY COURSE MATERIAL IS ALLOWED (I HAVE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS TO BE USED TO WRITE THE PAPER) NO MORE THEN 2 DIRECT QUOTES CAN BE USED This website can be used if necessary as a reference http://search(dot)proquest(dot)com(dot)librweb(dot)laurentian(dot)ca/docview/211027564 Here is another website that can be used for reference. It is very important that all information for this paper comes only from the documents and/or websites I supply. If we use any other sources the professor will give me a grade of zero. http://content(dot)time(dot)com/time/health/article/0,8599,1827162,00.html</p> source..

Empowering Older Women
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Older women often face various challenges that affect their health (McCandless & Conner, 1999). This often leads to poor health in this group, culminating in decreased quality of life and premature deaths. In line with this, it is essential to change the issues that hinder proper health seeking habits and patterns in older women. The changes should empower women to take charge of their own health. This paper addresses three issues that need change so as to empower older women with regards to their health. The issues addressed include the role of alternative therapies, care-giving roles and instructions on exercise.
Role of Alternative Therapies
There has been a noticeable increase in the use and awareness of alternative therapies over the past decade (Gaylord, 1999). In particular, women have been drawn to explore the unconventional health practices, ranging from homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, energy healing, mind-body therapies and manual therapies. The rise in alternative therapies is cultural shift which seeks to embrace a holistic model that can re-empower older women. Historically, women have applied, developed and taught practices that are now considered alternative modalities of healing. By becoming familiar with these alternative therapies, older women can enhance prevention and self-care and increase their control over health. In addition, this change will lead to the enjoyment of a health-care pathway which leads to wholeness of spirit, body and mind.
The mechanisms and philosophy of action of most alternative therapies reflect a feminine perspective on healing, rather than a masculine perspective (Gaylord, 1999). The motherhood biological capacity seems well aligned with the appreciation for gradual development over time and gentle nurturance, rather that the arbitrary, harsh, and forced treatments, such as powerful medicines and surgery. These forced treatments are often used in conventional medicine.
The use of alternative therapies increases the sense of control, and this leads to enhancement of health. Self-determination represents a hallmark of empowerment (Vinton, 1999). Most of the alternative therapies require and attitude of independence, self-determination and self-motivation. As an example, body-work and mind-body therapies require a discipline of both body and mind over a protracted period of time. This discipline works to learn new skills and change the habitual patterns of behavior. Most alternative therapies encourage self-education through books, listening to recordings or searching the internet (Gaylord, 1999).
The use of alternative therapies demands courage to go against the conventional medicine establishment. As an example, a primary-care provider may instill beliefs that one's desired health pathway is worthless. Patients who use complementary and alternative methods of health care are often the managers of ...
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