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Comment On Social Perceptions (Essay Sample)

This is a very simple assigment you only need to make a comment (half page each) of two discussion posted by my classmates. I will upload the 2 discussions for you. Thank you so much source..
Comment On Social Perceptions Name: Institution: Date: COMMENT ON SOCIAL PERCEPTIONS Comment one The social perceptions enable people in identifying and understanding the others. In most cases, these kinds of perceptions are usually resulted from social norms, stereotypes, individual’s perceptions, and observations. The issue of accuracy of social perceptions has however been a controversial topic among many researchers, through the numerous studies performed to determine whether social perceptions bring accurate portrayals of the others. There is truth in research conducted by Barret and Pietromonaco that stated that the immediate perceptions of certain individuals about themselves as well as the people they interact with are accurate representation, of others and themselves. This is because these individuals have accessible information about themselves and the other people they interact with. It is acceptable that physical qualities of individuals may help them attain a social perception that is accurate even for unacquainted individuals as per research by Collins and Zebrowitz. However, some studies like those performed by Judd and Park suggest that social perceptions made by many people are mere exaggerations about certain individuals or groups. These social perceptions may be considered inaccurate because they are based on stereotypes and inaccuracy occurs where individuals are unfamiliar with some experiences. Comment two Research has shown that social perception can be accurate, regardless of its fact of being individual belief of different social topics based on their ideas and experiences. Anderson’s research stated that when over prediction is eliminated from a group of some members who may be demanding and controlling, the group members become capable of accurately perceiving their status within the group. This indicates that when this kind of biases is eliminated, accuracy is sure in social perceptions. It is agreeable though that some social perceptions are stereotypical and misleading. Kaplowitz’s research of white a...
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