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Impact of Sir Robert Peel on American policing and Its History (Essay Sample)

Write a paper in which you describe the impact of Sir Robert Peel on American policing and its history. Don't include any references. Should be original. source..

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Impact of Sir Robert Peel on American policing and Its History
Sir Robert Peel was an English states man born in 1788 in Bury, Lancashire England and died in 1850. He served as a prime minister and played important roles in modernization of the social and economic policies of the British government and sponsored the repeal of Corn Laws in 19th of the year 1846.Despite the fact that Peel was not a doctrinaire he was in the great tradition of the administrative reformers of 19th century. Basically he introduced reform in the British criminal law, the prisons, police, economic and fiscal policies. Peel made the government a positive instrument in social reform and also made important contribution to shaping the philosophy of the modern day conservative through his pragmatic approach to both social and political problems. Some of Peelite’s traditions were even carried in to the liberty party by peelites like William Gladstone.
Peel’s contributions to policing
Much of American governmental institutions inherited models used in Great Britain and the American law is of no exception has British policing can be traced back to years even before the 1006 Norman conquest of England. Prior to Peel’s codification of the roles that police should play law enforcement in America principally was in the hands of the citizens, volunteers, sheriffs, constables and night watchmen. It was not organized and it was applied informally and this Kind of policing was marred with abuse at hand of policing authority.
The initial American police forces heavily borrowed from policies that were established in England and in particular America policing law enforcement agencies adopted the mission that targets to prevent and control crime, the strategy of using the preventive patrol, as well as the adoption of the quasi-military design of organization that was used by the first modern police that was established in London. American policing also borrowed other features from the British system and these features include the tradition of limiting the police authority and the highly decentralized and fragmented law enforcement system. Peel also recognized the problems that the tradition model of po...
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