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Milestones in the History of Women Professionals in Criminal Justice (Essay Sample)


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Multimedia: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2011). Evolutions of female professionals in criminal justice. Baltimore, MD: Author.
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Evolution of Women Professionals in Criminal Justice: The First Policewoman
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August 26, 2017
Perhaps one of the most well-known stories of struggle and victory was that of Feminism. However, contrary to what most people know, the struggle of feminism is not a single collective movement that has occurred in the past, but rather a collection of ‘waves' that fought and continuously fights for equality amongst different sex and genders until today. Its beginnings could be traced back to the West and continued to ripple through every single corner of the Earth. As it started, this philosophy and movement (first wave) only focused on legal issues such as suffrage or the right to vote, but as time passes by, the succeeding waves have added more and more ideals which have shaped the world today as we know it CITATION Pac15 \l 1033 (Pacific University, 2015). One of the most significant changes that the waves of feminism have brought is the right for women to be a part of the justice system. This has been a big issue back in the days, and people have even criticized and resisted law enforcement when it was brought about by a woman. This is partly because women are only considered as matrons and caretakers for other women who are in prison. This is particularly the case for Alice Stebbin Wells, whom is considered by most scholars as a first policewoman in the entire history of policing. She was considered as the first policewoman since she was the first who was given the authority to enforce the law and the power to sanction any individual who disobeys public or

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