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The Prostitution Debate (Essay Sample)

The current public debate regarding prostitution continues, despite the recent court decision (http://spoc(dot)ca/), and focuses on these issues: Whether to continue to, or further, criminalize & punish prostitutes (with the intention of abolition or prohibition); Whether to legalize prostitution & establish government licensed, regulated & managed areas. Cities & countries which have legalized prostitution are Amsterdam; cities in Germany; Victoria, Australia; & Las Vegas, Nevada; Whether to decriminalize it & regulate it just like any other necessary, legitimate business. New South Wales, Australia & New Zealand have decriminalized prostitution. Whether to criminalize, legalize or decriminalize in the short-run, but rehabilitate or reform prostitutes as well as their users. What are your thoughts on this issue? Remember to cite your sources correctly using APA format. Here is the required source:http://spoc(dot)ca/ source..
Prostitution Debate
Sex work has been treated with a lot of discontent. The majority of the governments have completely stood firm against this act and criminalize all its activities. But as new twist has become inevitable, the governments have been put on pressure to listen to the unfolding cries of prostitutes. In most of the social settings, most societies have viewed prostitutions as an immoral act that should be dispelled off the society. Due to such perceptions, sex industry has continuously suffered at the hands of the government. Such move is coined in a belief that denounces prostitution as a taboo. This paper intends to explore on prostitution debate that has ranged across the globe.
Debate on prostitution is as old as human being. In the ancient times, it was inevitably viewed as a taboo and different myths were formulated to criminalize it. This stigma has continuously invaded the entire world and legalizing prostitution has not gone smoothly with some government (McBride & Mazur, 2010). Women and their allies have fought through tooth and nail to ensure that prostitution should legalize as any other business. In different occasions, they have won and in others, they have suffered great blows (Raymond & Ditmore, 2007). This implies they have been condemning for criminalization of prostitution using the toughest words possible (Sex professionals of Canada, 2011). As things stand, even most powerful economies have tried relentless to criminalize sex business but have failed terribly. But, should prostitution really legalized?
Several dominant world economies have failed to stop prostitution. Countries like Germany and Netherlands, had legalized sex industry, but the level of child prostitution has increased, rate of HIV transmission has increased and several women in the industr...
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