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Legalization of Marijuana (Term Paper Sample)

Select a topic of interest that explores psychological or sociological issues relevant to addiction (not biological, chemical or genetic issues for this course): For example: addiction issues for an ethnic group, a social subgroup – i.e., rock musicians, artists, novelists, poets, nurses, college students, Mexican immigrants, Jamaican adolescents, the elderly, gay men, lesbians, those with physical disabilities – hearing impaired, blind– a famous person – Betty Ford, Diana Ross, Mickey Mantle, Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson, etc.; controversial issues – or -- Legalization or de-criminalization of drugs; methadone maintenance versus drug free treatment; addiction as a public health versus a criminal justice issue; boot camp versus professional rehab treatment for adolescents, etc.; consistent with the course content – That means, for example, you explore the psychological and social issues that impact the onset of dependence, the course of dependence and the outcome – recovery, death, etc. of your topic – A further example: what are the sociological differences that impact a woman's onset of alcoholism, the course of her alcoholism, and the probability of recovery and teh course of recovery – which may be different because she is a woman in our culture as opposed to being a man. …Or - How would the alcoholism experience (onset, context, development, outcome, etc.) of a woman of African or Latin or Asian or Indigenous American descent be different than that of a woman of European descent? NOTE of CAUTION: Spend very very little time and space on the physical issues of a particular drug, or such issues as genetics. NOTE WELL: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Crack babies per se are not permitted topics for this course!!!! II. If you choose a particular person, the biographical material you find will make certain statements about the person's drug or alcohol use. For example it may attribute the substance abuse or dependence to stress, or sexual abuse, or racial discrimination, or fame. In this course you want to know if the professional research in addictions actually supports the notion that there is a causal relationship between being famous and having an addiction. So, you will find at least five (5) professional literature resources from the field of addiction studies (see last paragraph for a definition of professional literature- what it is and what it is not), on social and psychological issues, which are less than 10 years old, in order to either support or challenge what the biographer has to say. (you can use literature from the course, but it will not be counted as one of your 5 sources) If you choose to focus on a famous person – the biographical material is important – but it does not count toward the five professional resources in addiction. Think of it more as the case material. You will be attempting to address any controversial issues, disagreements, differing points of view, or alternate explanations. source..
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Marijuana legalization
Marijuana is perceived as a hemp or cannabaceae family member, considered to have had its origin within India’s mountainous districts, north of mountains of Himalayas. It is prepared from dried leaves and flower clusters from cannabis plant, generally eaten or smoked for the purpose of inducing euphoria (Gerber 2004, p.6). The idea concerning marijuana legalization has brought about heated debate with some individuals holding that it ought to be legalized while others oppose its legalization. This paper attempts to highlight arguments in support of marijuana legalization as well as those in its opposition. The various arguments are as follows.
Arguments supporting marijuana legalization
Individuals who shore up marijuana legalization have brought out various arguments which may be brought to light as follows. For instance, marijuana legalization is essential because prohibition has not helped at all (Levinson 2002, p.60). This implies that illegalizing it has steered failure realization. Marijuana prohibition has not benefitted the nation but has instead steered the realization of enormous problems. Appropriate evidence has not been attained that drug utilization has decreased due to prohibition, and various theories exist which put forward that prohibition has the capacity to augment drug use. That is, the effect concerning “forbidden fruit” as well as simple accessibility by youths. Among the unintended marijuana prohibition effects, is its amplified popularity within high schools in United States. This is because of its availability. One does not have to have attained twenty one years to be able to purchase marijuana. All marijuana dealers care about is money availability but not age. Marijuana attainment by students at high school level is easier compared to alcohol, due to the fact that legalization of alcohol makes it possible for suitable regulative measures to be employed so as to ensure that kids do not access it.
For the goal of drug consumption reduction to be attained, nations ought to focus upon honest and open programs towards education of youths, treatment programs towards individuals experiencing drug problems, and appropriate regulation measures towards restricting drugs availability to kids (Maccoun 2001, p.33). However, the existing prohibition scheme has no capacity to promote such rational methods to marijuana. As an alternative, individuals experience the instilled fear by police towards marijuana use instead of offering of treatment to individuals suffering from the various drug problems. Attempts which were made towards alcohol prohibition miserably failed. Nations should therefore learn their lessons hence stop allowing for the same mistake repetition. Owing to the fact that prohibition is not effective, treatment and education which are better methods should be applied towards addressing of the experienced dr...
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