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Legalize Abortion (Essay Sample)

Composition 1 persuave essays, Essay asignment please list 5 sources that support you argument why abortion should be legal, should have thesis statement, body and conclusion,if you use text that are not your original words, please cited them using MLA style and after sentence include (last name of author, page number), my teacher looks for organization and how you work cited looks like. you have to use you own words, no more than 20 percent of the paper should be information that you find online and he use turnitin to detect plagiarism so 80 percent should be original words, the other 20 percent is to support your argument using online sources ect. If you can have ready for friday i will really apreciated, this is my second paper with you. source..
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Legalize Abortion
Abortion is the killing on unborn child using medical procedures. There have been numerous arguments on whether abortion should be legalized. Women of every social class in almost every country have sought terminations, most women who end pregnancy are either young, unmarried, poor or over the age of 40. In the United States more than 40% of all women will end pregnancy by abortion at some time in their reproductive lives. This has made some of the states in the U.S to make abortion legal. In the field of medicine it is one of the most visible, controversial, and legally active areas in the field of medicine (Henshaw & Van Vort 12).
In the world abortion has caused at least 13% of all deaths among pregnant women. The new estimates are that 50 million abortions are performed each year, with 30 million in the developing countries. Approximately 20 million of these are performed unsafely because of condition or lack of proper training on the provider (Francome 72).
Main Body
One of reasons why abortion should be legalized is in case the pregnancy is due to rape. Some of the rape cases result to the victim been pregnant. Having a child from someone who raped you can cause great emotional stress on some people. Very few would persevere to bear a child from rape, this will mainly cause her and the family emotionally stress. The reason for aborting may also be that the victim is not ready for a child.
The other reason why abortion should be legalized is that women have a right to choose whether to have a child or not. Having a child involves a lot that includes taking care of him/her. This may ruin the career of the mother or rather the daily life if she is not ready to have a child. When not ready in most cases they are still in school or not married thus no financial grounds to support the child. She cannot provide the basic needs to the child at this level. Also having a child means that you get involved in the child’s life, some women may not have time for this, they instead want time for themselves (Francome 68).
There are many common way in which to terminate a pregnancy. Some of the methods used includes: Kicking the abdominal, inserting knittin...
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