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The Story Of Cinderman: Sex, Gender, And Gays (Essay Sample)


My class is Women gender studies. Mostly about sex, gender, gay.
This is a rewrite fairy tale assignment.
I want you to add one to three new events in the paper.


The Story of Cinderman
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Once upon a time, in a small kingdom of Central Europe, there lives a wealthy queen. The queen is holding a celebration to welcome the princess who has returned from college. The princess's name is Victoria. All the people are in a high mood because the princess is reached the age of marriage. Everyone seems to be waiting for Cinderman. Due to heavy, dirty works, his clothes and pants are always covered up with dust. Most of the people underestimate him because of his life experience. On the other hand, Cinderman is a handsome, intelligent and kind-hearted man. He has a pair of shiny eyes that makes other guys jealous. His eyes are sky blue and so pure that seem to look through everything. However, his mother died because of illness when he was a kid. His father is a soldier. He lives in the troop all year long and rarely goes home. The father worries that the little boy would not take care of himself. Thus, he decides to come back home with a new mother and two children.
Cinderman excitedly says, "Wow, it's going to be fun." The boy is very happy because new family members have joined in. He's thinking that finally there's someone to play with. Before the two brothers come, Cinderman was playing all alone by himself. In the first two months, the new mother and two older brothers moved in. They talk respectfully to one another. Greetings and regarding are common on a daily basis. Yet, the family lives harmoniously without any dispute. Good things don't last long. Their father received a notice from the army that he needs to go back.
Throughout his life, Cinderman wants to be loved and cared by his father. He is not hungry for money, but for his dad and mother's love. He loses his mother, and that changes his life entirely. When he is sent away by his own day, he finds himself surrounded by some negative-minded people. It becomes difficult for him to choose between right and wrong. Life takes a serious and slightly dangerous form for him, and Cinderman learns a lot in a delicate age. The untimely and sudden death of his mother doesn't prove to be favorable to Cinderman. He also sees his father struggling to earn a living, and all this makes him a mature man even at 9.
A few days after the father left, all things change to an extent. "Go and clean up, go and cook the food once you have done with your own work,” the new mother always yells at Cinderman and asks him to do all house-works. Bothers begin to turn their back on him. Every evening, instead of comfortable and warm bed, his new mother only offers him the tiny place next to the stove. One day, Cinderman's two brothers are whispered in their room. Cinderman was shocked by hearing that two brothers are gay. They like the boys in the kingdom. The older brother loves shopping, so he fell in love with shoe seller--Charles. Second older brother loves to eat sweets, so he loves cakes seller—John. Even though Cinderman is holding their secret, he does not know how to deal with it. He's thinking whether he should tell his dad and his new mother or not. Mother will scold him for slandering and probably throw him out of the house. As for father, he can do nothing but asking the new mother to handle it. Cinderman doesn't want any troubles, so he conceals the secret.
Cinderman doubts on the identity and sex of his mother. To investigate the matter further, he requests one of his friends to visit his house and help him evaluate everything. His friend, being a doctor, knows how to do that. Cinderman feels that just like his two brothers, his step-mother has become a gay and is no more interested in any man. He pretends to be unaware of anything at first, but internally, Cinderman has planned things to unveil the truth. On an evening, his friend ar...

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