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Sociology Paper

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Please just make sure that the question has simply been answered,... Standard essay format, using a standard font and 12 point type size-no fewer than 300 words in length-Pls. read your answers for SPELLING, GRAMMAR & CONTENT. Only ONE reference can be used and MUST ONLY be the following Text: Sociology/Twelfth Edition, 2008 ISBN: 0-13-601645-6/John J.Macionis//Pearson - Prentice Hall QUESTION is: ( Why do some analysts describe Max Weber's approach to explaining the rise of modern society as a "debate with the ghost of Karl Marx"?)
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The Rise of Modern Society Name: Institution: Today the society is growing more complex with every day that passes. Sociology has a more in depth meaning today but still hinges onto theories decades old. Max Weber and Karl Marx are among the founding fathers of sociology. They both were economists, raised from a European protestant upbringing, but that was the farthest their similarities went. Their theories shaped the modern sociology, as we know it today, each with a different perspective. Socialism and capitalism philosophies are the main source of debate. According to Karl, capitalist society would not stand the test of time, and communism will replace it. Change to Karl would only come through violent revolutions by the people (Macionis, 2008). To him, the society has classes from the poor all the way the richest. In everystratum, the people come together in unity to improve their lives within the strata. Karl believed that capitalism widened the gap between the classes. Those that accumulate wealth do so by employing the poor in the society ...
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