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Sociology 150gm - Final take-home Paper 3 (Essay Sample)

Describe three claims about problems in the education system today noted in course readings. Based on course readings and lectures, describe whether these claims are supported by evidence. Do commonly proposed solutions reflect these claims? The evidence we learned about education? Based on the evidence, what do you suggest might improve the quality of public education in the United States? Be sure to include examples from at least three course readings. This paper should be based on some of the readings: 1. Sternheimer, Karen. 2010. Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture: Why Media is not the Answer, Westview Press. (You will need to read chapter 1 only) 2. For some other readings, please check out the attachment. Dear Writer, I want you to write 2-full pages please, and there should be no direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase and cite the source appropriately. Please keep in mind that the paper should provide analysis, not only examples of the concepts. The deadline for this paper is December 8th, so I will really appreciate that if I could receive the paper by December 7th. Thank you. source..
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Problems in the Education System Today
There are several challenges which are facing students but for the purpose of this assignment I will discuss on the main three problems experienced in the education systems today in Los Angeles. Although there is significant amount which is spent every year in education there is little of it which is used to evaluate on the performances of teachers and get to know those who are more effective than others. It has been noted that students in different classes are being taught the same lessons over the same time frame but by the end of the years some of them who were performing well are much far behind in terms of skills gained over the period. The difference has been mistakenly being attributed to the class size, parents or even the students themselves but the fact is that it`s their teachers who mainly contribute to their performance decline (Song and Felch Par, 6).
It is evident that most districts operate as if all teachers are good equal to their capabilities but this is not the case there are huge disparities among teachers. Therefore most teachers who are more effective are not identified and understand the reason for their success to be adopted by others who are not effective (Sternheimer, Par 5). Such research should be done with an aim of improving the teaching standards. This claim is supported by evidence after Los Angeles Times did research on test scores for mathematics and English over a period of seven years. Which got evidence that; teachers who are highly effective they are able to propel students with low grade to score high marks within a year, it also proved that 8000 students landed into a classroom with poorest performing teachers in math`s and English at least twice in a row which did affect their grade.
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