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Course - Sociology sub topic Globalization (Essay Sample)

This is for a course in Sociology and needs to have maximum 20-25% in text citation. The paper should be written by one of the top writers. It is a detailed paper of 1,250 to 1,500 words explain globalization. In your answer consider differences of impact on developed and developing countries, drivers of globalization, migration patterns, language and cultural barriers, and the pros and cons of globalization. source..

Date: 15th April 2012
There many different definitions of the term globalization as given by different sociologists. The most common definition refers to globalization as a process of integrating the communities of the world into a common system which is either social or economic. It aims at reducing the geographical inequalities through spreading job opportunities allover the world. It is an interaction system that brings together all countries of the world and aims at achieving one global market. It is comprised of economic, political, cultural and technological exchanges that are brought about by communication, infrastructure and transportation advances.Integration could be of two types either negative or positive. Negative integration refers to the breakdown of protective and trade barriers for example tariffs and quotas. This could be beneficial to a country in the event that it allows important and useful products into the economy. On other hand, positive integration usually aims at standardizing the international economic law and policies. If a certain country has set its own policies on tariffs it could trade with another country that also has its own set policies. These countries will with time set similar tariff policies due to globalization influence. Globalization refers to the increase in number of cultural relationships, people and economic activity. It`s mainly used in reference to economic globalization which deals with the global distribution of goods and services production, the reduction of trading barriers imposed on trade and export fees and import quotas. Globalization plays a major role in boosting economic growth in both developed and developing countries mainly through the comparative advantage principle and increased specialization. The term globalization could also refer to circulation of ideas and languages and popular culture across different countries.All in all one must try to incorporate the aspect of sharing goods, cultures and services between people and different countries so as to have a comprehensive definition of globalization. (Brittan, 1998).
This is entire process has become much faster due to improvements in technology which have made exchange much simpler.
Drivers of globalization
Businesses act as drivers to globalization and these businesses refers mainly to multinationals that is those big businesses that usually operate in more than one country. These businesses aim at maximizing profits, sales and the value of shareholders. Through this, the process of globalization becomes more rapidly. Another driver for globalization is the barriers to international business that have been lowered are falling by the day, it has now become much easier for countries to engage in trade and increase the trading territories particularly those businesses that are providing services. The governments also try to encourage local and domestic businesses to expand the terri...
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