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Social Darwinism Persuasive Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


This is a persuasive writing, you can chose the positive side or the negative side. Chose the side that you good at to persuasive. This essay not more than 250 words. You can use some simple example to help you to persuasive. THIS IS NOT A BOOK REPORT OR AN ESSAY BASED SOLELY ON WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED IN CLASS – THIS SHOULD BE OPINION BASED AND NOT ONLY ROOTED IN FACT, BUT ALSO CONVICTION (WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE TRUE). YOUR JOB IS TO “STING THE SOUL.”


Social Darwinism
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Social Darwinism
Social Darwinism refers to various schools of thoughts that emerged in the mid-19th century as people incorporated the idea of natural selection to aspects of human society. Herbert Spencer, a 19th-century philosopher, first supported it. There are various descriptions of the concept and their application, and use depends on the society. The idea of social Darwinism can be used to explain the division of people into social classes.
According to scientists and philosophers, social Darwinism was coined from the loose interpretation of Darwin`s Theory of Evolution. The theory was used to suppose that the toughest and most suited would survive while the weak perish. Nonetheless, Darwin did not include social aspects in his theories; hence, the concept does not align with human society perspective (Ruse, 2017). The approach was used to justify the superiority of the white society in the 19th century. This resulted in the colonization of other races, by white Europeans.
The controversial concept was also used to popularize the idea that no one should interfere with the natural order of the society, and thus, governments were advised to maintain racism, imperialism, and conservatism. The ideology supports a rejection of welfare programs and any form of charity as these viewed as ways to help the poor, which was argued to be contrary to nature. This theory affected the distribution of equitable wealth and thus created a gap between the rich and the poor.
Social Darwinism was used to furth...
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