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Social Sciences Students Comments On 4-1 & 4-2 (Essay Sample)


There will be 6 comments 4 for 4-1 and 2 for 4-2. The students for 4-1 are Ashley,Gail and 2 of the professor questions. for 4-2 the students are Ashley and the other i will send either sat or sunday. please give me at least 100 words for eacfh questions. All questions are added


Students Comments on 4-1 & 4-2
4-1: Ashley
The most practical therapeutic framework for addictive families is the stage of change model because it consists of four important stages that help the client make important decisions. The contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance stages help not only clients, but the families compared to developmental models that focus on the addicts and drug use (Galanter, Kleber & Brady, 2014). In my opinion, some aspects of the developmental model can be used for addictive families like the early recovery and learning to abstain from drugs. The middle recovery process, which includes reviewing one's lifestyle and late recovery that deals with the psychological and family issues. The maintenance stage also aims towards maintaining abstinence and staying healthy by avoiding drugs (Galanter, Kleber & Brady, 2014).
I concur with Gail that the preferred counseling style is to tailor and use treatment plan for individual clients and their families depending on the individual needs and his history. For me, I would focus on unique individuality gains and insight into how changes can occur. This can increase the chance of changing their addictive behavior and interacting with their family members positively (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2015). We can use both models, developmental and stage of change model for clients and their families. I believe that using a variety of models is the best therapeutic framework because all models have their strengths and weakness, how they function is paramount for my therapy style (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2015).
Question 1:
For clients that are given the court, order treatment can benefit from both models compared to those who come to counseling willingly. The stage of change model is appropriate because I can use it to assess each family and clients to understand their readiness to change. The developm...
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