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The Malay Civilization Science And Technology, Evidence (Essay Sample)


Take 5 pictures showing the Malay Civilisation in science and technology and provide evidence related to it. For example: rumah kutai, keris etc.

The Malay Civilization is located on the Peninsula and the islands of Southwest Asia CITATION Iqb15 \l 13321 (Iqbal, 2015). It encompasses present Philippines, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, East Malaysia, Timor-Leste and the islands of Indonesia. It dates back to about 2nd or 3rd century AD (Sabri) or others say 100 AD until 1500 AD CITATION Has08 \l 13321 (Hasni, 2008). Early Malay kingdoms civilizations were Lin Yi which is also called Fu Nan (South Vietnam and Cambodia), Langkasuka, Majapahit, Malacca and Sri Vijaya (Palembang or South Sumatera). The civilization ended when the King of Chapa died in 1823 CITATION Has08 \l 13321 (Hasni, 2008). The early Malay Kingdoms were named
The Malay people are divided into two groups. The Proto Malays also known as Melayu Darat and the Malay Polynesians also called the Melayu Laut. The Proto Malays initially occupied Malaysia and have migrated to the Peninsula believed to be during the Ice age and the second wave due to the expansion of the Champa Kingdom. The Malays from the south (Sumatera) also migrated to the Peninsula due to the advancement of the Malacca sultanate. Other waves of migrations also occurred thereafter CITATION Has08 \l 13321 (Hasni, 2008).
Unlike Java and Cambodia, the territories of the Malay Kingdoms lacked broad fertile plains. The Malayan culture was highly influenced by the Indians who came over to trade. The Indians brought in knowledge in arts and concepts in religion and government CITATION Zai \l 13321 (Sabri).
One aspect that define the Malay Civilization is trade. Malay world before the colonial era was of a business trading civilization. This may be proven by the spread of the Malay language around the archipelago as a result of trading with them CITATION Iqb15 \l 13321 (Iqbal, 2015). The Malayan peninsula was known because of the state of Langkasuka. It was said the largest source of gold in the area. It earned the name Golden Chersonese by Ptolemy. It also supplied tin to renowned seafarers. CITATION Zai \l 13321 (Sabri).
Since the Malayan Archipelago territories are mostly island countries, boatbuilding is also proven to have been one of the skills developed by the Malayans. Boat building and crossing across the seas are said to have happened first in the archipelago and thus is called the cradle of great seafaring nations such as the Sri Vijaya, Majapahit and Bajau due to the shrinking of the Islands to rising sea waters. This made the people sea-farers and learned to explore every corner of the archipelago.
In Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Philippines, the earliest boats are proved to have been present during the 2nd century. Maritime trade and boat construction are particularly associated to the Bugis’s, Madureses, Bajaus (Sea Gypsies), Madars and the Butungeses CITATION Pha12 \l 13321 (Pham, 2012).
In Cambodia, hollowed tree trunks are used as water transportation in rivers and lakes. The size of the boat depends on the size of the trunk used. These tree trnks are dug ut to create hollows in the middle. The dugout are reinforced with fitted timbers or benches to also serve as a seats for boat riders.
Around the archipelago, it is also generic to have rafts sewn from wood planks. “The hulls were built by raising planks on each side of a keel piece, which indicates having evolved from a dugout base”. The technique of fastening the planks is called a lash-lug technique. These ones are believed to have existed as early as the third to fourth century. The boats found in the Philippines have improved beyond the lash-lug technique of fastening to a more sophisticated one.
PICTURE SOURCE: Ballantyne, R.M. Man on the Ocean, 2007
Another type called the Pontian Boat, found in Malaysia in 1926, dated back to 260-430 AD. It has a flush-laid planking attached together...
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