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Importance and Purpose of Theory and Research in the Criminal Justice Field (Essay Sample)


Theory and Research
The close connection between theory and research is implied in their functions. Theory is a systematic explanation for observed phenomena. Research is an investigation into a particular subject to discover facts and develop or test theories, and is structured by ideas and expectations created through abstract, logical reasoning. The relationship between theory and research can be thought of as a simultaneously-determined relationship: theory development relies on research and research relies on theory.
For this Discussion, think about the importance and purpose of theory and research in the criminal justice field and how the two are related.


Importance and Purpose of Theory and Research in the Criminal Justice Field
Importance and Purpose of Theory and Research in the Criminal Justice Field
Theories and research aspects are important aspects of life. Starting with research, research is an important aspect as it incorporates methodologies that one can use to study a topic and come up with profound findings on the study topic. Theories, on the other hand, explains some phenomena or mystical happenings in the environments. In the field of criminal justices, theories and research techniques are vital they help one to come up with findings on causes of crime and drive patterns from several behavioral sequences that help in crime management (Daly, 2011). The paper relates theory and research and shows their application from a criminal justice perspective.
Psychological theories are vital in reducing crimes. Federal units rely mostly on psychological theories from research to control crime (DeLisi & Piquero, 2011). The...
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