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Reflect on Psychology (Essay Sample)

Part 1 Reflect on what you have learned in this course Write a brief response that includes the following: A personal definition of psychology and/or counseling, based on what you knew coming into this course and what you now know What it means to you to be a psychologist or counselor who is a scholar-practitioner The system in psychology that most "resonates" with you, and why Think about the various topics that were presented in this course and how much emphasis was placed on each one Compare your understanding of psychology and/or counseling at the beginning of the course to your understanding of psychology and/or counseling now Make sure it in APA style and make sure you have the proper citations and References Part 2 Write a brief response that includes the following: A statement of what you believe was most valuable and most effective in the course psychology for your own learning and understanding Your thoughts on topics that you believe should have been included in this course Imagine that you have been asked to teach this course; explain the areas on which you would place the most emphasis and why you would do so How your understanding of the science and practice of psychology and/or counseling has changed as a result of this course Make sure it in APA style and make sure you have the proper citations and References source..

Reflection On Psychology

Psychology would refer to as the merely study of human mind and how it functions. It specializes with the functions of the mind that affect the behavior of a person. It would involve the study of human characteristics individually and as a group. On the other hand, counseling would refer to as the mere giving of advice to a person who may be facing mental problems (Gillon, 2007). However, there is more understanding of psychology upon the definition of the term psychology upon joining the psychology school. Psychology is the science of applied and academic field. The field studies the behavior of human mind (Coon, & Mitterer, 2011). Further, it seeks to understand and explain how people think, feel and act. In psychology, one learns that psychology has various applications such as mental health treatment, self-help, performance enhancement, and ergonomics among others. Therefore, comes the understanding of the term counseling psychology (Gray, 2006). This term would refer to as the psychological specialty and assistance that facilitates the personal as well as the interpersonal functions across life span with the major focus on the social, vocational, health related, developmental, emotional and organizational issues. Psychology integrates research, theory, and practice with the sensitivity to multicultural concerns. A psychologist is a person who studies and practices psychology.
The term psychologist scholar-practitioner primarily generates from the practice of the clinical psychologists. It is from the training model designed for the graduate programs. Therefore, psychologists are scholars who consume research. They are professionals highly trained practitioners. They apply their skills, techniques, and knowledge in order to solve the clients’ problems. One system is so much resonating in psychology, the psychosynthesis system (Brown, 2012).
The psychosynthesis is congruent to the systems perspective. It relies on the scientific explanations. This system specializes with the study of human relations in line with various dimensions as well as the structure of a personality. This is to say between the self and the personality, the individual and the society, that lie within communities and between the natural world and the human beings (Brown, 2012). There are various topics of discussion in the field of psychology such as how the human brain f...
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