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Deviance And Crime: Domestic Violence (Coursework Sample)


Prepare a 1-2 page response to ONE of the following reflection topics. Your response should clearly demonstrate your comprehension of relevant concepts as well as include your own ideas.
Reflection assignments are worth 6% of your final course grade.
1)Is the increased use of surveillance techniques helpful or harmful to society?
2)How does the media influence our perceptions of crime and whose interests do their portrayals serve?
3)Explain domestic violence using at least two sociological theories (learning, labeling, strain, social control, feminist, etc.)
Questions to consider before submitting your assignment…
Have I addressed all the components of the question?
Have I demonstrated comprehension of course content through reference to, connection with an explanation of relevant course concepts and/or theories?
Have I offered my own ideas, opinions, insights, and experiences?
Have I included specific examples to enhance the clarity and precision of my writing?
Are my ideas logically organized and structured?
Does my assignment appear professional and polished? Does it indicate the assignment number, author, etc? Does it have a consistent font and paragraph structure?
Is my writing free from mechanical errors – grammar, spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary?


Deviance and Crime
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Domestic violence, also called family violence or domestic abuse, is a specific type of abuse or violence that takes place when a person hits his partner, child or another family member willingly. He aims to hurt them physically or mentally and cause problems for them. With the passage of time, domestic violence has become a serious issue in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. Most often, women complain about domestic abuse, blaming their husbands, fathers or brothers and asking for immediate help. Other forms of domestic abuse are verbal, economic, reproductive and religious, which range from coercive and subtle to choking, acid throwing and beating.
It's safe to say that domestic violence is a serious crime and there are strict punishments for those who commit this crime. We should notice that any type of sexual, emotional, physical or psychological form of torment is forbidden in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries. The first theory involved in domestic abuse is the psychological theory which believes that a person chooses to harass someone mentally to gain power or control over the victim. Because of the complex nature of this crime, various criminologists have studied its effects and causes find out a solution. The abuser does not beat or hit his victim;

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