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HLS 6080 DF7 Initial (Essay Sample)

FCD 1 and FCD 2 provide deeper procedural guidance to Federal departments and agencies engaged in continuity planning. FCD 1 and FCD 2 are intended to SUPPLEMENT the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan. The key learnings in FCD 1 and FCD 2 are in the Appendices of these two documents. Each student will respond to this post with a 2-3 paragraph summary (in your own words) of the following: FCD 1 Annex B Risk Management = FCD 1 Annex D Essential Functions = FCD 1 Annex E Orders of Succession = FCD 1 Annex F Delegations of Authority = FCD 1 Annex G Continuity Facilities = FCD 1 Annex H Continuity Communications = FCD 1 Annex I Essential Records Management = FCD 1 Annex J Human Resources = FCD 1 Annex K Test, Training, and Exercise (TT&E) Program = FCD 1 Annex L Devolution of Control and Direction = FCD 2 Annex C Business Process Analysis Guidance = FCD 2 Annex D Business Impact Risk Management and Analysis Guidance = source..
Continuity Plan Name: Institution: Course: Date: Risk management This relates to identity, analysis, assessment and communication of risk. At the same time, it relates accepting, avoiding, transferring and controlling the same risk to acceptable levels. Where there are effective management practices along with appropriate procedures, it is possible to achieve reduced costs and improved benefits (FEMA, 2012). Essential functions These is a subset of the government functions which are crucial to the sustenance of the nation when there is an emergency, such as a hurricane or even terror attack ("Small Agency Council (SAC) - Small Agency Continuity of Operations Committee", 2016). Orders of succession In case of a disaster, leadership plays a crucial role in the implementation of the various strategies. As such, there is need to establish the correct and streamlined succession of leadership roles and responsibilities in the event that there is an emergency. Delegations of Authority This is associated with the act of delegating some of the responsibilities to the various authorities, to ensure that there is some smooth implementation and rapid response. It also ensures that there some order in the transition of leadership responsibilities ("National Continuity Programs |", 2016). Continuity Facilities The use of other facilities other than the existing facilities is an approach that ensures that there is some aspect of resilience when it comes to continuity capabilities of the organizations involved. Continuity Communications The success of the programs and the continuity plans is dependent on effective communication, whereby agencies are able to connect effect...
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