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HLS6080 DF6 Comments: Domenico Cianchetti, Continuity Plans (Essay Sample)


Comment on these 2 postings as if you were talking in my voice, do not lose the name above each post. 100 words and 3 sources each. Please separate the sources for each posting:
4 days ago Domenico Cianchetti 
RE: Government and Private Sector Integration
Good evening sir, 
First let me touch on the subject of the current state of affairs we face in this country. Right now we are facing a higher risk to terrorism and natural threats. Something here at Black Falcon Cruiseport we are prone to. ( For example, lets look at the recent hurricane our country went through. If you watched this video you will see how this can effect an organizations operation. "While policymakers, academia, and the private sector agree that resilience is a highly desirable goal, it is also recognized that resilience itself needs to be defined, planned for, and developed in advance; that is, before communities, infrastructure or systems are compromised" (Kamien, 2012, p.368). 
In 2007, former President George W. Bush signed into law the National Continuity Policy. In simple terms it ensures that from government agencies to private sector organizations continue to operate as normal in the event a catastrophic disaster hits. Under this policy as an organization we are suppose to design a continuity plan that will hand and hand with the governments National Essential Functions (NEFS) and Primary Essential Functions (PMEFS). This plan will include our mission as an organization, the key staff members, leadership, successors to leadership, and what steps we will take to make sure we continue to operate as normal. 
National Essential Functions (NEFS)- This is a eight point plan that guides the nations of what is expected for the government and private sector organizations to operate. 
Primary Essential Functions (PMEFS)- This recognizes that our continuity plan is operating under federal guidelines. 
However, the main point to take away from this surrounds the word partnership. The after maths of 9/11 proved in order to address the threats we face as a nation will take a group. For example, one thing the National Continuity Policy calls for is open communications between the public/private sector organizations and key government leadership (p.48). One point is the sharing of intelligence information amongst each other. In order for any organization or agency to be successful collaboration is a must. "Collaboration can make the pie bigger, and with it everyone's slice. Collaboration across boundaries helps everyone to see and make sense of managing for the whole" (Bratton, & Tumin, 2012, p.30). 
Bratton, W., & Tumin, Z. (2012) Collaborate or perish: Reaching across boundaries in a networked world. Crown. 1-336. 
Kamien, D. (2012). Homeland security handbook. McGraw Hill. 1-1437. 
Homeland Security Council. (2007). National continuity policy implementation plan. 1-82. 
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3 days ago Megan Martin 
RE: Government and Private Sector Integration
Well, Sir, pages 47 thru 49 deal with the relationship between private sector organizations and the government when it comes to continuity planning. Our plan allows us to provide a rapid and effective response/recovery after an emergency, which in turn supports the Federal Government. We have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the citizens under our supervision and the welfare of our financial systems. I will give you a brief rundown of the expectations that are outlined in our continuity plan: 
I am the individual responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining our continuity program. I am also the point of contact should any employees have any questions regarding their role.
We have identified essential functions that are necessary in order to continue operations during a catastrophic event.
Our company has established an alternate, secure facility that houses vital resources and records. A list of individuals with access is available and there are procedures in place on how to obtain additional resources if needed. 
We have recognized the need for a communications system should the loss of network connection occur. This system is robust and agile. Contacts with government entities and appropriate law enforcement agencies have been established in order to share critical intelligence information. 
Preparations have been made to define an adequate budget. Applications have been submitted to the Department of Homeland Security regarding grant-funding requests.
Individuals have been designated in orders of succession and devolution of authority.
We have chosen to participate in conjunction with government run testing, training, and evaluation exercises to increase our readiness and accuracy in carrying out continuity procedures.
I have overseen the creation of an organizational level continuity working group and we will continue to engage in regional and state level continuity working groups. 
This explanation should allow you to present an overview of our continuity plan to the board. As the coordinator for this agency, I feel it is important to stay in line with the guidelines established in the National Continuity Implementation Plan. I’d say we are in pretty good shape should we ever need to respond to an emergency.


Continuity Plans
Continuity Plans
As Domenico Cianchetti highlights in the post, there is need for a continuity plan in case the country is faced with a disaster of any kind; this will enhance the continuity of operations at all levels and within the private and the public sector. In the recent events of the hurricane, Andrew it is clear that with disasters of such magnitude, there is a likelihood that most of the operations in the public and private organizations will be affected (Kamien, 2012). This highlights the need for a continuity plan that will assist the organizations at different levels to continue operating despite the development of catastrophic events such as natural disasters and even terror attacks which have become quite common (Bratton & Tumin, 2012). Of importance as mentioned in the post; the coordination between the different agencies. The ability to communicate and operate with precision relative to the various roles assigned on the continuity plan is paramount. This way, there is little to no confusion over who is supposed to handle part of the emergency plans and the expected outcomes (Homeland Security Council, 2007).
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