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Gun's Don't Kill People, People Kill People (Essay Sample)


Argument the pro's and con's of why gun's don't kill people, people kill people.


Guns Do Not Kill People; People Kill People
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Guns Do Not Kill People; People Kill People
Guns are exceptionally sturdy weapons. Deaths due to firearms are on a steady rise thus leading to a debate onto whether the inanimate weapon should be held responsible for the loss of life. It is arguable that with the increase in the number of gun licenses there shall be a rise in deaths and destructions caused by the usage of the firearms. People are the custodians of guns, and thus they should own up all the destruction, violence, and deaths resulting from the weapons. The ferocity and killings caused by guns are a result of the actions taken by the person who decided to pull the trigger (Fleming & McClain, 2014). It is logical to judge the person who made the decision rather than blaming an inanimate gun on the deaths.
A gun provides the owner a sense of security (Dreber et al., 2008). Criminals may have a sole reason of only to steal property with no intentions to cause harm or death. A scenario emerges whereby the owner tries to protect his property and family using a gun, but in some instances the criminal may overpower the man and get hold of the gun. If the criminal now decides to kill the weapon owner, many would argue that the gun is the primary cause of death. People will be bound to question the actions of the weapon holder. My stand is that it is the criminal who has committed the crime and not the gun. The criminal had a decision to make and thus he is solely responsible for the killing.
Guns are only a means that people use to inflict harm and death, but they do not possess any intentions whatsoever to cause harm and death. Hocutt (1974) uses Aristotle's point of view to describe various type and causes of death. Aristotle defines these objects as a material cause because of the effect caused; in this context, the bullet kills an individual. Further, Hocutt (1974) explained the efficient cause that represents the intention of the agent that now places the bla...
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