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Forensic Psychology (Essay Sample)


Same as the last order . more of a continuation with 2 new topics/ cases It\'s fairly simple. Choose two cases or issues related to the field of forensic psychology (any cases you\'d like), summarize them, and discuss their relation to forensic psychology and the implications or effects they\'ve had (if any) on the discipline.


Forensic Psychology
Forensic psychology
The field of forensic psychology has become significant in relating cases to associated aspects especially with increased high level crimes in the world. According to Fulero and Vrightsman (2008), forensic psychology is the use of psychological studies, schemes and theory on issues and questions relating to law. It seeks to provide understanding regarding criminal acts and hence necessitate rule of justice in law courts. This is achieved through collecting information which is then analyzed and interpreted for judgments (Greene & Heilbrun, 2010). This paper aims to examine two cases and show their relation to forensic psychology. The effects and implications the cases would bring to the field will also be discussed.
The case of the murder of Pamela Vitale
Pamela Vitale was found dead at the entry of her temporary home by his husband Daniel Horowitz when he got back from work (Velez-Mitchell, 2007). She was bludgeoned to death indicating an attack before the culprit escaped. The murderer was unknown and investigations were conducted though with little achievement in the immediate few days. The event led to a court case and the forensic evidence presented charged Scott Dyleski who was only seventeen years old, with the death though he denied. Initially, a teen neighbor who had been involved in burglary was arrested linking him to the homicide. Scott's mother had also been jailed over the death and released when she accepted to give evidence against him. According to Velez-Mitchell the evidence availed in court accusing Scott can be as summarized below:
* The evidence collected from the scene showed the late Vitale had aggressively fought her murderer before succumbing to death. At the time Scott was arrested had scratched face, bruised arms and cuts on his right leg which could be as a result of violent fight-back. His housemate also testified that he had fresh cuts, abrasions and was bleeding when he got home the night Vitale was murdered.
* A bag that had a face mask, glove and coat was found at Scott's home and had the teen's name tag. The mask, bag and shoes had DNA for both Scott and Vitale. Moreover, DNA partly consistent with Scott's was found on the right foot of Vitale.
* An artwork inscription with phrases "live for kill" and "murder" signed by Scott was discovered at his home and cruel imageries were seen in his drawings according testimony of former schoolmates.
* A creepy list that read "knock-out/ kidnap, question, keep captive to confirm PINs, dirty work, dispose of evidence (cut up and bury)" was caught in a drawer at Scott's bedroom. More intriguing was the title on the list which read "to do" an implication of a mission to be executed.
* A teenage friend gave a testimony that the together with Scott devised a method to use information for neighbors' credit cards to buy an equipment online. They thus placed orders at spe...
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