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Hobbes: Keeping covenants (Essay Sample)

Hi, I must see the outline by JANUARY 30th just like the last order. Anyways, from now I will explain how this professional argumentative essay needs to be written down in order to fulfill the best mark from the Proff/T.A ; So in order to write this paper, I'll provide you my lecture notes of [Thomas Hobbes Leviathan] [1-4] AND David Hume [ Enquiry 1-2] On PDF and Also I will upload the book and the chapters you need to read before you write the paper. If you are doing the topic on Thomas Hobbes You MUST READ THESE CHAPTERS THAT I WILL UPLOAD (Justice as Social Contract)- Hobbes, Leviathan Part 1 §§1–3, §§5–6, §11, §§13–16 and (Sovereignty and Obligation) Hobbes, Leviathan Part 2 §§17–19, §21, §30 OR If you're doing DAVID HUME TOPIC You MUST MUST READ (Ideas and Impressions) David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding §§1–5 (Freedom and Reasoning) David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding §§6–12. I want the same writer who wrote the other essay {Consolation Of Philosophy} To write this paper. I will also upload the last essay that he/she wrote To see what they have wrote wrong in it. So you can fix it this time. The mark for the last ESSAY I submit is C-. I want you to read what you have written wrong and not have the same mistake on this paper PLEASE. Use as the citation and needs to cite the paper preferably using the standard Book-chapter-sentence numbering for Thomas Hobbes or (sentence numbers in the margin) for instance: " Mortal creatures have one overall concern" : (Leviathan,. Part1 Chapter xi, Line 2) in a shorter version... The writer has to only use the same BOOK THAT everyone else is using. So Please don't bring any outside source to cite. Cite the Book that I WILL UPLOAD as PDF Which are [Leviathan: With Selected Variants from the Latin Edition Of 1668 Edited by Edwin Curley] [ David Hume - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding edited by Eric Steinberg]. So please do the best to not get C- or anything, I'm expecting A+ From you. Also Don't forget to upload the Outline by january 30, So again, I really want you to read the book first then start finding the arguments and specially write counter arguments so it proves that you understood the instructions well. Make sure that you're writing this to another educated person, who is seeking for only the information that has been asked for, therefore no extra HISTORY DRAMA STUFF, don't be broad about anything... ONLY ONLY and DIRECTLY Get in into the argument set up objections and set up counter arguments in regards to the book and the lecture notes that I will provide you. Make sure that you understand the whole chapters-book, there is about 100 pages to read, so don't just focus in one sort of thing, ANSWER THE question that has asked on the essay topics. You have about 6 topic choices, read the topic choices and choose whatever you are capable to argue about, bring in STRONG STRONG THESIS. Please don't write anything extra on the paper, Be simple and straight forward. Cite anything that you use, for example: "According to critics every human being has to follow rules and norms of the society. " That's right, but cite it, where did you get that from? Also, be cautious on the grammar, This is a CANADIAN University. So for example, Favor is american, but Favour is canadian. Use the canadian version. DEADLINE IS pretty simple, i want this argumentative essay to be done by February 4th until midnight which is 10 days. But i really recommend the writer to give me an outline by January 30th so i can go show it to my T.A and make sure if we are on the right track then come back to you and tell you what you need to cover and what you don't. So please Provide me an Outline/Draft of what your Thesis will be and Your arguments and counter arguments regarding whatever topic you choose out of 4 and then you will have until Feb 4th to complete the whole essay. Again, i don't need any extra wording to fill up the page, I want you to be as concise as you can, and if you think you can't do this job for me please tell me. expectation level for grading will be really high since i have got a D- And C- So far on the other papers. Let me know what ever you need so i can provide you. ease put time and effort, because it's not a simple one night thing.. this takes days to read the book, days to analyze the arguments, and days to write it.. Goodluck!!! source..

Hobbes: Keeping covenants
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Hobbes: Keeping covenants
This paper will examine Hobbes arguments for keeping covenants even in the state of nature. He argues that if that if human beings by the state of nature, then war will ensue against each other for the purpose of survival. According to Hobbes, human beings get to learn from experience what they know. At birth a child`s brain is in a tabula rasa state but with time they get to learn the norms and expectations from interacting with members of their society. This can be either natural attained knowledge from interaction with one another or from some form of training. Therefore, once people learn that they need to survive it is without doubt they will use any means they deem fit in order to do so. This is the reason for war in the state of nature (Levithian,.Part1,6). Hobbes states that people are driven by appetites and aversions. This means that humans are constantly in competition for honor and dignity in order to satisfy their appetites for the same. In addition they will use any means to avert from anything that will prevent them from attaining their desires. This includes pain that may be caused to them by other people in a state of nature. There is a fine line between humans and animals and this is thought from imagination. Therefore through though, humans can come up with a rational law out of reason. Hobbes identifies this as the natural law which is different from the natural right whereby people are at liberty to do anything for survival. This natural law dictates people should strive for peace by giving up their free will and agreeing to enter into a covenant with other members of the state of nature bounded by an authority. According to Hobbes covenants with no swords are but words. A sword symbolizes a force in this case and in this case a sovereign that will ensure that the two parties to a contract don`t break it lest they are punished.
Hobbes paints a picture of survival in the state of nature whereby no one is superior to the other in terms of strength for even the weak can kill the strong. However, he insists that in order to avoid this predicament then people living in a state of nature need to strive for. This can be driven by the fear of death in violence accompanied by the need to attain benefits of peaceful coexistence. Individuals in the state of nature also have a right to self-preservation which is another right of nature. The right to self preservation remains even as other rights are surrendered to social contract. The laws of nature are as a result of reason. The principles that bind and rational individual is what make up the laws of nature (Levithian,.Part1,.14.3) The laws of nature purport peace. In addition, the law of nature is about individuals surrendering their rights in the state of nature and be satisfied with the freedom they get in relation to other people in the state. From a different perspe...
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