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Environmentalism: Moderate And Radical Forms Of It Different (Essay Sample)


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Environmentalism is a wide social movement, philosophy, and ideology in which environmental health and improvement concerns are addressed. The measures of the health of the environment also assess and incorporate the effects of environmental change on plants, non-living matter, animals, and humans. Woodford Chris 2017, tries to expound the definition of environmentalism by saying that it is a way of thinking from a different perspective by a group of people who have taken into caring about the planet more to ensure that survival on earth is on a long-term basis. He further explains that it's either individual or collective efforts of reorganizing the problems the environment faces and enacting solutions for sustainability.
Environmentalism wants to build and develop a sense of solidarity and responsibility among regions and countries. This will form the basis of a new order internationally and in return guarantee environmental conservation and improvement. This is because, economic, political, ecological and social decisions made by individual countries have repercussions at international level. Environmentalism as well wants that all people, both in community and personal levels understand the natural and artificial environments' complexity through the acquisition of values, attitude, and knowledge. (Moss, 2016). Likewise, it wants these people to acquire practical skills to take part in an effective but responsible in the quality management environment and anticipation and provision of a solution to social problems.
Environmentalism wants people to use the available resources provided by the environment wisely and to avoid depletion (Sandler & Pezzullo, 2007). It wants people to conserve the environment. At the same time, environmentalism wants preservation of the environment. This is whereby some resources are set aside with no human interference. For instance, government forested areas or parks. Some countries, for instance, the US has set aside oil and other mineral fields untapped. Also, environmentalism wants a safe environment for all people. It wants an environment free from terror and conflicts. In this sense, environmentalism wants that the poor obtain resources for their livelihood, but in a manner that does not harm the environment.
Environmentalism is against human activities that lead to the destruction of the environment. It considers these activities as social ignorance. Two movements; capitalism and socialism are the major threats to environmentalism. Looking at the issue of the ongoing Amazon forest deforestation for instance; the environmentalists believe that the deforestation is as a result of social ignorance. All the governments involved know about the problem. However, they also consider that the forest, to some extent, must be cleared to provide profits for the capitalists. Capitalists find deforestation rather advantageous

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