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Does Social Class Exist in America (Essay Sample)


Question:  Does Social Class Exist in America Today, why or why not?


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Does Social Class Exist in America?
Course title:
There is existence of social class in the United States and this is manifested in the segregation of people according to their living standards and styles. Despite the existence of such social class, there is failure of many people to acknowledge it because; unlike racial or ethnic differences, it is quite harder to spot social classification. This idea emanates from the realization that; social class does not exist in the outward observable features. For instance, racial and ethnic differences could be spotted through colors and different types of hair as well as accent. But social classes are bound on other unobservable matter.
Existence of social class in US can be related to three social strings which are the upper class, middle class and lower class. The main determinant of one's social class is mainly tied to the income of people; and their immediate families. William (2015) notes that; other factors such as educational level play a part and contribute to the social class that one will belong to. People of relatively same education level will tend to belong to the same social class. It is just as it is usually said, that birds of a feather fly together. Family background also plays a major part in determining ones social class. Physical features such as color do not influence the social classes. IT is on this note that you find that people from different ethnic and racial backgrounds may belong to the same social class. It is on the same note that that you could find people of the same racial or ethnic background but who belong to different social groups. It is on basis of such facts that social class proponents hail social class as a positive tool that fights ethnic and racial segregation.
As much as people may not regard social class as a great social factor, it is crucial to note that; social classes are vital when it comes to determinants of the future of the young generation. According to Public Broadcasting Service...
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