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Sociology Of Race & Ethnic Relations (Research Paper Sample)


The shooting of a teenager Michael Brown, the strangling of 43 year old Eric Garner, the tragic death of 50 year old Walter Scott at the hands of Officer Slager in South Carolina, the death of 25 year old Freddie Gray, once again brings racial tension to the forefront of national politics. The shocking picture of a running Walter, shot at the back, went viral internationally. Once again the nation is confronted by the legacy of the antebellum South. The shooting is but one aspect of a combination of factors which dehumanizes black males. The high unemployment rate, the overwhelming Black prison population, the unnecessary frisking and profiling of black men, the use of deadly force, the pointless deaths of young Black men, do little to disspitae the view that in fact, we do live in a racist society.
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**Critically examine the connection between the militarization of the police force, the prison industrial complex, and institutionalized racism within the context of the movement “Black lives matter”.
**Please write 2 initial pages with your research findings, complete with citations and references in the APA format.
**Please use simple words - do not use big words (complicated). thx
**Present your perspective.
**Please use external research from an academic source. Please make sure ACADEMIC SOURCE. Thank you !!


Sociology of Race & Ethnic Relations
Sociology of Race & Ethnic Relations
Stereotyping and prejudice is a sin that most people are guilty of. This is fine so long as one does not hold public office where he or she is supposed to use professional judgment. This is why judges and policemen are supposed to be neutral and free from bias. However, this is not the case as the witness video of the very recent Walter Scott shooting goes to show. The sad thing is that this is not the first time a black man has died at the other end of a trigger-happy white man in blue. This has happened before. The even sadder thing is that the policemen responsible for such incidences get off scot-free. This led to the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement was started after the acquittal of one George Zimmerman (Kraska, 2007). It received more public backing especially after the death of Eric Garner and more recently that of one Freddie Gray. The movement tries to deal with the issues of profiling of men by race, militarization of police and institutional racism.
It is a fact that the profiling of black men has grown to be an integral part of the American culture. Statistics show that a black man is twice as likely to commit a crime as his white counterpart (Beishline, 2012). This however should be no reason to lock out young outstanding men from the police force under false pretenses. This is because the real reason for not recruiting blacks into the police force is that the men in charge of recruiting are afraid that the black man will not be able ...
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