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Chapter 5 The Origins And The End Of The Cold War (Essay Sample)


“The working assumption of containment’s adherents is that it is the low- or lower-cost alternative to tough sanctions or military action. The former are believed to be either impossible to impose (because Russia, China, and other nations won’t go along), undesirable (because sanctions would harm the Iranian people more than the regime and turn popular anger against us), or ineffective (because Tehran is determined to ride out even the most crippling sanctions in pursuit of the bomb). The latter is just dismissed out of hand as a precursor to Armageddon.”


1 Containment is a geopolitical strategy to stop the expansion of an enemy. It is best known as a Cold War foreign policy of the United States and its allies to prevent the spread of communism. As a component of the Cold War, this policy was a response to a series of moves by the Soviet Union to increase communist influence in Eastern Europe, China, Korea, Africa, and Vietnam. Containment represented a middle-ground position between detente and rollback.The basis of the doctrine was articulated in a 1946 cable by U.S. diplomat George F. Kennan during the post-World War 2 administration of U.S. President Harry S. Truman.
2 America's preoccupation with communism and the shah's fixation on national defense meant that Iran's decisions regarding social, political, and economic development occurred within a Cold War security framework.  The US and the shah were both concerned with cementing the US-Iranian alliance.Given the emerging bipolarization of international politics (and Cold War Iran's unpleasant history with the Soviet Union), the shah favored the US as his principal ally.
3 Anton theorizes that if American Soldiers would remain in Iran for their Containment mission, more lives would be sacrificed, not to mention even more money. However, Anton also realizes the perspective that if the troops are retracted, then all sacrifice, budget-wise and the lives of soldiers would have been for nothing, if the state would be allowed to progress their development of Nuclear weapons, and political agenda.
4 Th

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