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From The Arrival Of The First Europeans And Africans To The Civil War, Did A Civilized Society Emerge In North America? (Essay Sample)


Carefully read and follow the instruction, the essay needs to have introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph.


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From the arrival of the first Europeans and Africans to the Civil War, did a civilized society emerge in North America?
Life for an African American free man was presumed to be easy because one had escaped the jaws of slavery. However, as I came to learn and comprehend later, this was not the case. Initially, I had cried and prayed for the day when I would be considered a free man. However, as I writhe in heartache, the pain of the sad truth about life's difficulties, and hunger, I am almost regretful of my quest to be free. But then I remember how I can now have an opinion on matters of the country, do what I please, and be seen as an equal and I push the previous thoughts further behind. I only remember stories told to me by my parents of how we were not originally from this land and that we were brought here by the white man. These stories were often told with a tinge of nostalgia, and I could tell that home was better than where I was. However, being my new home and with my new found freedom, I had to find something for myself. Looking back at the stories told by my parents, I can tell things have greatly changed, and a civilized society has indeed emerged in North America. Currently, more people are condemning slavery, economically people have become astute, politically the country has matured, and there is a flicker of hope that white people and black people will eventually see eye-to-eye on a number of issues. These are major changes and help to further the narrative that a civilized society has indeed emerged in North America.
North America's civilization is literally founded or grounded in the sweat and blood of slaves. Slavery was a booming business here, and it is responsible for bringing my parents here. During the slave trade era, my people were seen as property, and like property, we would appreciate and depreciate (Finkelman, 105). The white people saw themselves as superior beings and ones appointed and anointed by God to spread civilization. However, it is often said that civilization is often preceded by the spread of information and knowledge. My fellow African men and women started to understand and demand their rights as human beings, and this marked the start of the end of slavery. It

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