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The Examination of Capital Punishment: Death Penalty (Essay Sample)


Each student will be required to complete the term project, which is a 15-20 page (not counting the cover, abstract and reference page) research paper in APA format. In preparation for the paper, students will submit a thesis statement, an annotated bibliography and a rough draft. 
Thesis Statement (MUST BE INCLUDED IN PAPER): 
The death penalty is ineffective and should be eliminated completely due to its unethical nature, it being not cost-effective and its inability to deter crime at a high percentage.
This paper will be an ARGUMENTATIVE paper.
The paper MUST be below a 20% match to other sources so be careful with too many quotes.
Your paper will need content supported by peer reviewed, scholarly articles and scholarly studies that you find in the University Online Library data bases. Data bases such as Pro Quest, SAGE, and Ebsco Host. Pro Quest and SAGE are my favorites. Also, the peer reviewed scholarly articles researched and cited in your paper must have been published within the past five (5) years. You will need approximately 15-20 peer reviewed articles to support your thesis.
You may NOT use any material from News Papers, blogs or articles published on a web site like, etc. You also may NOT use information obtained from news outlets such as CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS or ABC, etc. 
I have attached an annotated bibliography that has sources for this paper PLEASE USE SOME OF THOSE SOURCES from the annotated bibliography


The Death Penalty
Joe Star
Professor Beshears
February 1, 2016
This paper delved into the examination of capital punishment and the raging debate over whether it should be abolished or not. It offers an argumentative platform, with points for and against the system, so as to give a more realistic outlook on the matters and issues associated with the death penalty. It deciphers capital punishment and how it is viewed through the lens of both its opponents as well as its proponents. Analysis and comparisons are made based on the premises such as ethics, value for humanity, the cost as well as its effectiveness. Additionally, the other points considered include its use as a deterrent, the need to remove the society of crime, and the essence of an eye for an eye, life for life, also known as retribution. This paper has been compiled as a result of detailed research work from numerous books, journals as well as credible articles, so as to come up with a solid piece of work that depicts the actual situation on the ground when it comes to the death penalty.
The aim of the law is to enforce justice, and justice can only be what is, through the law. Crime has been a routine part of human life, and there is no denying the fact that it will continue being even more prevalent as the age advances. Just like the increased sophistication of the current and the coming generation, crime has also continued evolving in various complex ways, so as to keep abreast with the with the changes. Criminals are born every day, and the establishment of institutions such as jails to keep them away has only made it even more of a cyclic pattern. At the end of it, what would initially have been something very natural, such as just keeping them away, becomes a tricky issue.
However, should this be a reason not to continue combating crime? Should the society be thrown to the dogs? Should the society drift back to the Dark Ages? Absolutely not. It is supposed to be everyone's duty to ensure that there is normalcy in the society. In the process of dealing with crime, it is important that the right form of justice is done to the real party. It goes without mention to note that there might be numerous reasons for criminals to commit crimes. Whereas others might have been pushed into committing a crime as a result of the circumstances or since they have no other option to survive, others do it for the sheer fun of it. For example, there might be that person who opts to steal food since he or she is hungry while there is the gangster who murders people or the serial killer who does it for fun. The bottom line for each of them is that they face more or less the same form of punishment.
When it comes to punishment, there is some them that are meted out depending on the type as well as the nature of the crime committed by the felon. Some of these punitive measures include jail terms, community service, life sentences, and capital punishment. Of all these, death, also known as the death penalty, is the most controversial. It usually encompasses all the methods through which an individual's life can be cut short as a form of punishment, such as through the hangman's noose, lethal injection, shooting squad, suffocation with poisonous gasses, or the electric chair.
Ever since its usage began, it has been a constant source of controversy from literally all quarters, be it from religious leaders, the society and the legal field itself. Capital punishment has been vouched for, as the perfect way to deal with criminals who commit gruesome acts, such as psychopaths and serial killers. The basic premise has been that for the society to be cleaner, it needs to eliminate a few of these ‘rotten' elements, and the best way to do this is through capital punishment. In other terms, since not everyone who commits a crime stands in line for exe...
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