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Capital Punishment, Lawbreakers, Modern Democracy (Essay Sample)


Please write the following essay regarding Capital Punishment. Thanks!


Capital punishment is a law whereby offenders found guilty get sentenced to death. Capital punishment has been a practice being abolished by most countries in the 21st century. The reason for this is because it is a gross violation of the most basic right: The right to life. Countries should take solid steps away from this form of punishment and seek better, humane ways by which to punish their offenders.
It is hypocritical for The United Nations member states to condemn offenders they sentence to death. Instead, the States become killers. States should provide more humane ways of dealing with lawbreakers than the ultimate capital punishment. Lawbreakers get locked up to correct past mistakes. Thus by serving death sentences, you are eliminating any chance of rehabilitation. Death sentences do not give people a chance to show the world that they can do better. Instead, it brings out the hypocrisy of these member states still carrying out capital punishment. In taking lawbreakers to prison, the member states wish for them to be guided well by correctional officers, turn their lives around and in other cases be provided with a course training that they can use after they have completed their jail time.
Sentencing criminals to death do not give citizens the assurance that crime levels are going to reduce. In some countries, the effectiveness of the death penalty is being questioned since a lot of law enforcers are being employed to try and curb the rates of crimes in those countries.
The effect of capital punishment on minority groups needs to be understood by world leaders. Each country has its minority. In most cases, the people who get sentenced to death are these people. Be it racial, religious, ethnic or even socio-economic minorities. An example is in a country where two races of people exist; discrimination of one race against capital punishment is bound to happen. The offender's race usually influences most verdicts. According to Acker (2014), in the USA, Whites employed capital punishment to repress slaves in antebellum America. World leaders hence need to strike a balance of this discrimination and the best way to do so is to abolish capital punishment.
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