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PA 581 Policy Design Analytics. Bus rapid transit system (Essay Sample)




PA 581 Policy Design Analytics  
Spring 2020 
Assignment 2  
Assignment Instructions: 
1. Introduction. This Exercises is from Chapter 4 of the P,S & C Text, but necessarily requires students to incorporated materials and concepts from Chapters 1 through 4. Questions are taken or developed from PSC from Chapters 1through 4, with emphasis on Chapter 4. The Assignment is to develop the analysis required by Exercise 10 at the end of Chapter 4. The Exercise provides some data in Table 1 following the narrative of Exercise 10. Development of other data may be necessary for students to develop thought some focused research.  
2. Topical Focus & Requirement: The emphasis of the exercise is on developing a clear, concise and comprehensive problem definition statements. And, specifically, students must address the three (3) requirements presented, to wit: 
(a) Perform a preliminary analysis from the data and define the dimensions of the existing problem and the way it has been defined;
 (b) Explore at least two other problem definitions.; And, 
(c) Discuss what additional data would be needed to identify the magnitude (scale & scope) of this problem for your local.
NOTE 1:  This is a creative exercise that requires critical thinking.  Consider creative ways to present your work. DO NOT write long complex or rambling narratives. Be concise, precise and focused.  Put the key points in your own words. Demonstrate your knowledge of all the aspects of a solid problem definition statement (PDS). Present data creatively. Be well organized. 
Note 2: There are a possible 100 points for this Assignment. 
Assessment Criteria: 
Student submission will be assessed on the following criteria 

Criteria Weight (Points)
Creativity & Organization .30
Substantive Knowledge & Depth of Analysis .50
Quality of Writing .20
Note: Writing style should be concise, precise and analytical. Avoid long rambling sentences. Consider how to creativity present your key points. 


Bus Rapid Transit System
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Bus Rapid Transit System
Question a
Traffic congestion is a major threat to the quality of urban life. It has increased in size, complexity, and scope, making it a policy concern. The congestion is mainly characterized by a reduction in traffic speeds leading to upsurges in journey times, environmental pollution, and fuel consumption among other operating costs.  Congestion means that more vehicles are trying to use the existing freeway than it can handle. In this particular case, the problem is more rampant during peak hours.
While cars have benefits in terms of facilitating personal mobility and give a sensation of heightened status and security, they are not an effective means of passenger transport.  The ratio of buses to that of cars in this context is 1:6. The traffic volume per hour is 10,000, with 98% being passengers in cars and 2% are passengers on buses.
A car = 1 pcu
A bus = 3 pcu

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