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Does Amazon Need More Female Employees? (Essay Sample)


I'd like a Word document or something similar if that's possible. Please also combine everything into one file if that's doable. If you need to scan attachments in separately, that's fine.
I'd much prefer to grade the assignment via a BlackBoard submission but if you've difficulty in scanning or similar technological problems, we can probably make do with you handing me paper provided we make those prior arrangements.
Be sure to take a look at the rubric and note the points as to each facet.
Each 'methods' assignment is worth 50 points.


Method Assignment
Author Name
University Name
Sociological concept
It's the 21st century, and Amazon has only one woman among its 18 influential and most powerful executives. It's not a secret that the Silicon Valley companies tend to hire fresh and experienced graduates regardless of their gender; in case of Amazon, we feel that the company should stop giving preference to male employees over female employees and need to hire talent without any discrimination. In today's fast-paced and competitive environment, men and women are considered equal. They get similar educational and healthcare facilities and should be given equal chances of self and personality grooming. The society we live in doesn't support people who judge people based on their genders, religions, backgrounds or personal interests.
Research questions
Does Amazon need more female employees? Do they think that male employees can perform better than female employees? What's the reason for having only one female executive so far? Will this thinking change anytime in future? What are their plans for the future of their male and female employees?
Method being used
Out of 18 powerful executives of Amazon, 17 are males, and one is female, which seems to be strange and out of context. On top of that, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos still claims that they will hire more female employees in coming months and their business model doesn't allow them to hire more female executives at this time

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