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Developing Brief Intervention for Elders At-Risk Scenadrio (Essay Sample)


This is a two part paper the first part is 300 words I have send the instructions. It is a scenadrio for a family dealing with a substance use disorder. the scenario should be hypothetical and lend itself to one of the brief substance use disorder therapy model my model is using time limited group therapy. It should be on the second page with the paper on it and it has a star by it. There is a second part but some of this information could be for the second part this part must be 300 words or a little moreThe information should include information about his or her life circumstances and add family members with descriptive information about each family member and about the family's interactions to the scenario. You can make up a family or use a real one. My family was made up of eight mother, father, and six kids, I am a middle child there were my older sister dead, my brother, me, my brother, my brother and the baby my sister. Mom and dad is dead, I was the black sheep in the family, I was on drugs for 6 years from age 45 to 51 my older brother on drugs in Atlanta GA in and out of jail, my baby brother on drugs in and out of jail I think me and my two brother has mental problems I know AI do. so you can use this for the scenario. I need by the 11th that is in ten (10) DAYS. I WILL SEND THE MATERIALS for part two in the morning sometime, they are a little but the instructions is on the instruction sheet the second part is 750 words that is why AI am ordering 4 pages I think you have all the materials you need for part 1. I think it is three references from the materials. The instruction is on the first sheet. my dead sister would be 65 now, brother 63, me 62, brother 60, brother 55 sister 52.

Developing Brief Intervention for Elders At-Risk
Part I
In this case study, the researcher will be analyzing the use of the Brief Intervention Model for an elder at-risk. The researcher will be addressing the development of the model in the specific case of a 62-year-old woman named Doris Yazzie and her family. According to Friedman, R. (2013), in 2010 about 20 percent of elderly Americans had substance abuse or mental disorders. This is in a population of an estimated eight million. By 2030, the population of elderly Americans may reach 40 million. Scholars may predict that there will be an significant increase of at-risk alcoholic and other drug (AOD) abusers among the elderly. Therefore, scholars should assess individual cases to address the rising issue.
The Yazzie family has eight members. William, died at 85 years old to a failing respiratory system. His wife, Angel also died at 85 to hypertension. Their eldest, June, recently passed away at age 65 because of a car accident. Among the living members are Benjamin who is 63, Doris who is 62, Elan who is 60, Lenno who is 55, and Raven who is 52.
Benjamin had a serious alcohol abuse case while living in Atlanta, Georgia. He coped with long-term depression and has a history of serving prison time for 4 years. Doris abused antidepressants in her 40s while suffering PSTD. She was encouraged to attend family therapy with her current alcohol abuse struggles. Lenno has had an antidepressant abuse case and served prison time but for 3 years. Raven does not have any substance abuse issues and acts as a mother to the family. The siblings have been attending family therapy for only a year.
It is evident that the Doris Yazzie and her family case is a significant example of a study upon the elderly at-risk.
Scholars can further evaluate the specific gender case of Doris who is a woman with a concerning substance abuse disorder. In the research of Werner, D. et al. (2007), it is stated that family involvement is key to women’s substance abuse treatment. Furthermore, family treatment can decrease relapse and intergenerational outcomes.
Scholars may also consider the race and ethnicity of the Yazzie family as an essential point of case analysis. The Yazzie family are American Indians. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2007) indicated that U.S American Indians tops the rankings of racial or ethnic groups with AODs.
The researcher has defined the objective which is to create an Brief Intervention model plan for Doris of the Yazzie family. With this model plan, the researcher aims to support moderation of Doris’ alcohol abuse and help her comprehend the consequences of alcohol abuse. The assistance of her family will be vital in reaching these goals. The researcher also hopes to provide an analysis that could be used for further studies that resolve the issues with elders at-risk.
Part II
The Brief Intervention Model for At-Risk Elders will be beneficial to families with a member aged 60 years and older whose AOD struggles must be addressed with therapy. It will provide the opportunity to achieve realistic goals given a strict time. It will ultimately encourage significant behavioral changes (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014). With this therapy model, families will support the elder at-risk to recognize AOD abuse issues and their consequences to their lifestyle. The elder and the family will be able to establish a foundation for full AOD abuse intervention.
Counseling Goals
With The Brief Intervention Model for At-Risk Elders, the following counseling goals shall be accomplished:
The elder at-risk will feel comfortable and supported by family members while addressing his individual AOD abuse issues. This is emphasized through freedom of storytelling, education of useful behavioral-c...
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